Monday, May 25, 2015

Diamond hair styler sponsored by

Hello Everyone!
Today I'm back with a review from irresistibleme !
Last time I reviewed their super awesome hair extensions
on both my blog and youtube
here is my post about them
and here is my video

This time I'm reviewing their diamond hair styler!
I was very excited because looking through the information and several others
reviews this is a very good hair straighter that can beat puffy and wavy hair like mines into
a nice straight style!

Originally I had recorded a video but it was horribly bright like my last video.
I'm still looking for a decent place to record my videos without such bright lighting.
I made gifs of the video and tried my best to fix the lighting !
I tried fixing the lighting on sony vegas but bloody hell! 
It came out looking low quality even in HD!
I don't know how you Youtube gurus do it but I give you props
because it's so hard to edit videos and i get annoyed really quick!
Shipping: Shipping was fast! As soon as Madison told me it was shipped it arrived to me within 3 days.
Packing: It came safely packaged as you will see on the pictures:

Safely bubbled wrapped

The styler came in this box

I was blown away! 
It looks really professional.

Its features 

picture of the straightener 

Little booklet about the straighter 

So here it is!

This is where you can tell how high is the temperature 

And here it will tell you how hot is it!
It goes from 200 to 400

Irresistible me logo!

Here are the buttons to turn it on and to make it more hot
or make it less hot.

So here I'm!
I haven't brushed my hair and I'm not looking forward
to brushing it!
Doesn't look too wild right?
Just wait for it.....

And now to brush it!!

This is how my hair is after a brushing session.
All hail to Mufasa!

Who will come to my rescue now!?
Ta-da here we have the diamond hair styler!
You can see it's on when it tells you the temperature
and you can see the green lights!!!
I didn't even have to wait for it to heat up, after turning it on i tried
a piece of my hair and it was already hot!

 I did sectioned my hair and everything 
but I'm taking it quick and showing you how fast this styler
straightens my hair with no problem.

Left side straighten and right side not styled!

Both sides straighten!

rating: 4.5/5
usage and safety:

Thoughts on diamond hair styler:
I don't really straighten my hair because it requires a lot of work and it's really really stubborn. I used the CHI hair straightener which does a decent job but my hair still looks a bit wavy after a while plus it takes me a while to get it straight.
This styler is amazing! It really does heat up quick as it claims and straighten my hair quickly without much struggle, i just need to pass through my hair 1-2 times and it will straighten. I took 15-20 minutes to do my hair unlike with other tools it takes me 1-2 hours! Big difference? HECK YES. I also noticed that my hair was less frizzy and it gave a healthy hair look! My only complain would be the buttons are near the heating iron and I'm scared to burn myself because sometimes it happens when were being careless. Other than that this awesome styler is worth it! I wish I could try their wand because it looks really awesome and I love curls!

Check out the straightner and many other stuff like wigs, extensions, hair accessories

Thank you for reading my review,
Buh bye my little ones!

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