Thursday, September 18, 2014

Palty Creamy Caramel review.

Hello Everyone!
Today I'm writing about a new Palty hairdye i used!

I dyed my hair back in August with the Palty bleach golden brown I usually use.
I didn't really take much pictures with my fresh bleached hair besides an Instagram one 
so I'm using this photo so you can pretty much see how orange was my hair!

I honestly just got tired of this hair color and decided to look for other Palty colors in the new series of Palty!
There was a particular color i really loved because it was an Ashy brown! 
It was Palty's creamy caramel!
I fell in love with the color because of this blogger review on it! 
You can read her review here!
I fell in love with her results so i had to get it!

Doesn't the color look so nice?

So opening the box here are the items that this new Palty foam hair dye provides.

out of the box

So we have a cup, something to mix the hair dye with, 
hair water (activator) and hair cream (hairdye),

And of course the instructions!

Though really on the box it pretty much tells you what to do!
(you can click for a larger image)

What i really love was that Palty included english, chinese,korean instructions besides in Japanese

Here i took some quick shots of the palty instructions.

Now I didn't get to photograph the process and although you pretty much just first pour the clear liquid then the red tube with the hair color and mix it to create a foam,
I'll like you to see gohalainn's review where she has more pictures showing you how to mix this!

Sorry for that my dear followers.

Moving on, 
Just like gohalainn, I had problem keeping the foam? It turned into a muddy disaster in the cup and in my hair! However I was calmed because I had read her review and I know my hair would not turn purple! (thankfully!)

So here are my results!
Back in a darkish area of my room
And where the lighting is in my room.

I think that the color shows up more in darkish lighting while in bright lighting it looks kinda like a light dirty blonde. I don't mind that though! My hair is still light and it's ashy! I'm just glad that my orange blonde is gone! This color was the color I was going for and I'm relieved it didn't turn dark ash brown because when the dye was in my hair my hair looked really dark. I had used an american hair dye last time to get an ashy brown hair color but it was horrible while Palty gave me the color i was going for and it didn't turn out so dark either.

Rating: 5/5

As i wrote the color i got was what I was going for so I was really happy! Of course i recommend you to bleach your hair beforehand if you want a nice shade like mine rather than dying it with your dark hair. The price is reasonable for a product like Palty. I got two boxes of hair dye from Ebay for about $32 dollars but hey get what you pay for! I was satisfied with the Palty hair dye more than the other hair dyes i have used on my hair.

So i really recommend palty to you!