Saturday, February 7, 2015

Palty Foam Sakura Donut Review

Hello again!
Today I will write about the hairdye that I have used!
As you can see from the title I used the Palty Foam series in Sakura Donut!

I was so scared because I never had that color before as I feel red tones do not match me since my skin it's a tanned these days from my walks under the sun in the University.

I didn't find a review on this hairdye but 
I couldn't resist because the color looked so cute!
So I bought it from Ebay.

I couldn't take much photos because as soon as it arrived 
My mother pushed me to dye it right away because she wanted to see me in this hair color.

Here are some pictures!

I got the box with Tsubasa on it!
I always get that one other model on Palty boxes!

Color Chart!
Take in consideration that if you bleach your hair it will come out much better.
I recommend bleaching your hair.

As I said earlier I couldn't take much pictures since I was rushed to dye my hair 
But I have pictures of the items inside the box from my other posts!

For the instructions, you can click them to make them big if necessary.

And so to my results!

I went from blonde...
(taken with my phone sorry!)

If you look closely,
 there's a brown reddish tone with some purpleish pink parts on my hair.

here's the back:

Rating: 5/5

The color blew me away. I'm so happy I decided to try this color out even though I was really scared but I think this color fits me quite nice! I specially loved the random bits of purples because it makes my hair look like an ombre. I heard from a friend that the dye fades quickly though so I'm not looking forward to that. However I really recommend this color ! It's so pretty and I will be giving this dye a second time because I fell in love with it. Remember if you want better results from hairdyes to bleach your hair first !

Thank you for reading!
Until next time!

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