Friday, February 6, 2015

Princess Mimi Starmish Brown Sponsored by

Hello Everyone it's been long right?
I been so busy busy since the new school semester started.
But I finally figured out how I'm going to balance the blog and my school life.
So sorry to my sponsors of course for the long wait.
Taking Chinese and French classes at the same time is a big struggle, 
but not impossible either.
I'm enjoying my language classes so much and so far this semester does not look so bad.

Moving on!
Here I'm to review the lenses I been dying to try, Princess Mimi starmish brown from my awesome sponsor UNIQSO.

So let's start shall we?
So as always no complains from UNIQSO,
I also recently purchased something myself with my own money and the treatment I get is exactly the same. I get updated on my order status.
These lenses were shipped really fast, it took about 4 days!
I recommend using UNIQSO's fast shipping methods if you need your lenses quick for cosplay or for a certain look.

Here's how i received the lenses:

I'm really excited  to review the purple lenses for you guys!

So after opening the lenses i let them sink into new fresh clean solution for 6 hours.
If it's your first time using circle lenses please please please 
first time users please read the following articles
How to open safely here 

On my eyes:

rating: 3/5

I was really excited to try the Princess Mimi starmish brown but it was disappointing. They look exactly like the Princess Mimi chocolate brown but more light brown and golden. They're not ugly but it really does look like Princess Mimi chocolate brown. However as the other models they're really comfortable. If you're looking for a more lighter version of Princess Mimi chocolate brown i recommend choosing Princess Mimi starmish brown instead. I got both of these from UNIQSO!

Thank you so much for reading my lovely bunns,
You can use my code "Mochi" for 10% off also check out UNIQSO current promotions for Valentine's!
You can use my code to get even more discounts.

If you didn't know UNIQSO donates some of its money to help raise the status of battered women & their children!
Aren't they great?
They have my respect.

Thank you for reading!
That's all!

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