Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Dolly wink Series No. 22 & No. 25 review

Hello Hello everyone and Good Morning!
I'm up very early to make this post because last night,
I was looking for all the kittens outside my neighborhood because yesterday 
was horribly windy, cold and raining.
I just couldn't sleep thinking of those poor cats.
I'm sorry!
However here is the review for this new series of dolly wink. 
[Heavy picture post]
If you haven't seen the new set of lashes by Tsubasa Masuwaka
Here is the picture she uploaded on her Instagram!

And here's a closer look to the lashes

Dolly Wink just got more Natural!

The designs are more natural and Tsubasa as well included brown series!
I started to love Brown eyelashes since the release of amoyamo lashes.

Honestly I was very hesitant to buy these new set of lashes. I wanted to try them but at the same time they looked very similar to some of the lashes I already own. 
It was SO HARD to choose between No. 22 and No. 23.
I really want to try No. 23 next time.
As for the lower lashes I was very unsure whether to purchase No. 25 because it the same design as  No. 8 Pure little and No.5 real nude.

I ordered the lashes from Ebay from a Hong Kong seller and a Japanese seller. They came within 3-4 days to my surprise! I was very happy that they arrived so early because I just couldn't wait to try.

Though do be careful when ordering on Ebay and don't get fake Dolly Wink lashes because I know it has happened to some people. 

The new series have a new packaging!
I really love the pastel color in these new series!

I can't wait to get all the series and put them in my book shelf ! (laugh)

The back hasn't really changed.

Close up

Doesn't Tsubasa look so cute!?

Overall I was very pleased by the new packaging and it is actually much easier to open!

Here's how it looks on my eye:

It looks much better if you have double eyelid 
so I added eyelid tape!

Just as I had predicted, they are similar to the older version Dolly Wink.
So I'm going to compare them!
No. 5, No. 8, No. 25

No. 11 & No. 22

So let's begin!

You may not think so but No. 11 looks similar to No. 22
except that No. 11 has more lashes.
Both are not long lashes like No. 2.
Here is how No. 11 looks in my eye. 
The lashes are shorter than No. 22
While No. 11 is natural, No. 22 passes off as real lashes
If you want a more natural look go for 22 and if you want more lashes go for 11.

As you can see No. 5 and No. 25 have a similar pattern.
However you can see how much lighter looking is No. 5 while No. 25 is much darker.
No. 5 is also much longer.
Personally I prefer No. 5 though No. 25 is not bad I think it really goes with No. 22 because
it looks like your own real lashes.

Now No. 25 and No. 8 are extremely similar
my opinion?
Go for No. 25.
Individual lashes are hard to care for & apply!
I was not pleased with No. 8 but i do love no. 25

Overall rating:
My thoughts:
The eyelashes were very nice, the packaging was cute and the quality was excellent.  The eyelashes are very natural and they look like they're really your real eyelashes However I wasn't very impressed but I absolutely loved them and know it must be hard to design eyelashes.
If you're more into the natural look and just want to pop your eyes a little, i recommend No. 22 and No. 25.

Other Questions:
I been getting a lot of questions from you guys about Dolly Wink eyelashes so I'll answer some that I can remember.

How long do your lashes last?
To me they last me up to 1 year. The lashes may seem fragile but really they're not. Just be careful when removing the glue off them as you may pull some lashes off or move the lashes from their place. In case you do move the lash from it's place, you can use eyebrow tweezers to carefully move it back. It hardly ever happens to me, it tends to happen in bottom lashes so be sure to grab the eyelash tightly when removing the glue carefully. If they are dirty with mascara you can use a little of oil-free eye make-up remover.

Is the price really worth it?
I know Dolly Wink is very pricey but you get what you pay for. Sure 2 pairs of lashes for $15-20 sounds crazy but they really last for long with proper care. The quality is amazing and I much rather get these than the 10 pairs for $1 of cheap quality lashes. The band on these lashes don't bother the skin on my eyes as the cheap ones do. These are more natural looking as well.

Where can I buy Dolly Wink eyelashes:
I recommend you to buy the lashes online even if they sell them in your city. Online is a cheaper I heard. I buy them off Ebay from U.S sellers.

Which eyelash do you recommend?
I recommend No. 2 highly it is my all time favorite!
As for bottom eyelash for natural i recommend Real Nude No. 5
For a more chunky feeling i recommend Baby girl No. 13

Thank you so much for reading my cute Bunnies!


  1. Nice review! I have no.25 but haven't tried them yet :p and I agree dolly wink are great quality, really worth through price ^^ my favorites are exactly as yours! The classic ones <3

  2. You're so cute >__< !!!

    Oh my *o* they came within 3-4 days...I think I should start purchasing my Dolly Wink Lashes from Ebay. Great review :)!

  3. Hello Catherine! I hope you do like your No. 25! I'm sure they will look great on your beautiful eyes! <3 No newer eyelash can beat the classic ones right!

  4. Hello Jeong! Thank you so much for your lovely compliment! I think you should give it a go! I see you live in california so it should be even faster shipping if you order from an U.S seller!