Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Princess Mimi Sesame Grey sponsored by UNIQSO.com

Hi everyone!
It's really been a long while hasn't?
How was your Christmas? I hope you had a great time
I'm here with another review from UNIQSO 
I meant to do the post after Xmas but I caught a cold.

Today I'm feeling lot better so I'm here to post it!

These lenses (Princess Mimi series) are very very popular and common where you can find many many many reviews like mine online.  
I absolutely adore these lenses. These is my second time owning this pair of lenses!
Out of all the selection of these series, my ultimate favorite is sesame grey 
I previously reviewed chocolate brown from UNIQSO  as well if you want to check it out.

But before moving into more details about the lens let's review UNIQSO packaging and shipping.

As always I have no complains from UNIQSO.
They let me know the status of my package and never leave me worrying.
Here's some pictures of their packaging:

As you can see the lenses are packaged very well inside cute little boxes.
The shipping took about 3-4 days, as they were shipped by Express Shipping!
If you want to receive your contacts faster, I recommend using this method.

How they look on my eyes in different lightnings:


These are my favorite lenses. I have tried many lenses that have liked but none like these. To me everything about them is perfect! They your eyes look gorgeous whether you're striving for gyaru or ulzzang! The design is truly gorgeous and I would recommend these lenses to everyone though I'm sure half of us if not most of us have tried these gorgeous series!

I got these from UNIQSO !
These are the sesame grey from the Princess Mimi series

Thank you for reading this quick review of the sesame grey !

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