Thursday, January 1, 2015 Hulk eye sponsored review.

Hello everyone  
Happy new year!
what're your goals this year?

today I'm posting about spookyeyes!
I was kindly sponsored a pair of contact lenses.

They sell a variety of crazy lens great for cosplay! Also I recall seeing natural contact lenses off from them. Don't hesitate to check spookyeyes!

Today I'm reviewing Hulk eyes from them.


I can't really say anything about the shipping as they didn't notify me when they sent in. I can't say about how many days it took to get to me.

It came with a little packet like this.

The inside

Included instructions 

The box that contained the lens

The lens inside these little packets

On my eyes:


The contacts are very comfortable, there was no problem while i wore these out on my eyes. However the color was pretty lame on my eyes. I know that these kind of colors are obviously not going to show up on my eyes but even the design on the contact didn't help much. It was pretty overall a disappointing dark green color on my eyes.
However there is many contacts to choose from so I recommend you to look spookyeyes and see what contact lenses you like.

That is all my bunny friends.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. You look like an ulzzang back in 2011! *o*

    My goal this year is to stop procrastinating and do things ahead of time XD...