Friday, January 16, 2015

EOS fairy pink sponsored by

Hello Everyone!
Here I'm back with another post about  UNIQSO~

If you follow me on my other accounts I posted that I was sick from a cold
and then the stomach flu.
That's why I haven't posted in a while.

It was very hard to deal with it but after a dosage of Korean Dramas, medications and rest,
I became healthy once again.

It feels nice to be healthy again and just in time for the next semester of school.

Anyways moving on!
So I got to try these lenses called eos fairy pink from  UNIQSO~

I been wearing them a lot lately if you have noticed from my Instagram posts.
They're truly gorgeous.

So let's begin
shall we?
But before moving into more details about the lens let's review UNIQSO packaging and shipping.

As always I have no complains from UNIQSO.
They let me know the status of my package and never leave me worrying.
Here's some pictures of their packaging:

As you can see the lenses are packaged very well inside cute little boxes.
The shipping took about 3-4 days, as they were shipped by Express Shipping!
If you want to receive your contacts faster, I recommend using this method.

So after opening the lenses i let them sink into new fresh clean solution for 6 hours.
If it's your first time using circle lenses please please please 
first time users please read the following articles
How to open safely here 

The lenses in my eyes:
(I have dark brown coloured eyes if you ever wondered)

here is some other random shot from my instagram 

Here is an MEIPAI video of me using them 

Rate: 5/5

My thoughts:
I wasn't expecting much from these lenses but they really surprised me and made it into my favorite circle lenses list. Pink circle lenses usually look reddish or purple. These look like a very very soft pink but it was still vibrant in such natural way! I haven't liked pink lenses since EOS Candy Pink. EOS brand does not disappoint! 
I hope you try it and love it like I did!

These were  eos fairy pink from UNIQSO~

Remember you can use my code "mochi" for 10% off!

Hope you guys enjoy this review!


  1. You are so pretty~ And those lenses look great on you!

    xoxo Payton
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  2. Hi Payton! Thank you for reading and for your lovely compliments xx