About me

 Welcome to my blog!

Name: Please call me Momo or Pat (short for Patricia)
Age: 23 years old
DOB: April, 3 1994
Location: USA (Texas)
Skin type: Dry and Oily
Hair: Chocolat brown
Favorite make-up: Dolly Wink, Etude House, Tonymoly
Fashion style: Floral, frilly, lacy, pastel

Hello to my lovely readers, I started this blog back in 2013,
 I blog a variety of things, so I hope you don't mind. 
Firstly, let me properly introduce myself to you:
 To begin with I don't quite favor my first name, so please call me by my middle name Patricia or Pat for short~ I'm 23 year old from Texas and currently studying linguistics and minoring in English literature. How do you do? There's nothing really special about me.  I'm just your everyday girl who enjoys fashion and getting dolled up. I'm in love with many cultures which has inspired me to study Linguistics and travel the world. My hobbies include blogging, designing, photoshopping and everything else that catches my eye. There's not much to say about me. I'm just a simple girl and i would like my readers to consider me as their close friend rather than a person they look up to. So please don't be afraid to talk to me because i would like to be your friend! 

Thank you for reading my blog!