Sunday, June 22, 2014

Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown sponsored by + Tsubasa Masuwaka make-up tutorial

Hello my bunny rabbits!
It's been a while since i done a review but here I'm again reviewing another pair of circle lenses from UNIQSO that were kindly given to me.

Today I'm reviewing the Princess Mimi chocolate brown!
I was very excited to receive these because i always wanted to try them since i really loved the Princess Mimi sesame grey. 

As always UNIQSO acted very friendly towards me and replied quickly to me for my questions! As well updated me on my order as they always do which i find super~~ 

So here is the package i received from UNIQSO

The inside of my package was safely bubble wrapped and contained 2 pairs of lenses
and 2 cases

you can see that the lenses are safely bubble wrapped inside the box

Here's a close up to how bubbled wrapped they are.

So today i'm reviewing just 1 pair! I will review the next pair within this week.
I will not say which one i picked so you can put your curiosity to work~ haha i'm joking.

So this is how they look on my dark brown eyes!

here's how it looks on different lightings:

color:  5/5
effect: 5/5
comfortableness: 5/5
diameter: 5/5

Seriously these lenses do not disappoint at all! That is why i rate them 5/5! I'm not a fan of brown circle lenses because i already have dark brown eyes myself. However these lenses really do stand out! I really like how the brown and gold look together in these lenses without making it seem so unnatural. They really make your eyes pop out despite them being brown! They give a very good enlarging effect on your eyes and overall i do recommend it! 

I noticed that Tsubasa wears them a lot as well with natural make up and they give such nice effect on the eyes!

so i decided to try out her eye make up in this picture and made a tutorial as well!
Click the picture to make it bigger if necessary!
Make-up is not my thing so i apologize if it's newbie! 

Hoped you enjoyed this review and mini tutorial!
Thank you UNIQSO  for the Princess Mimi chocolate brown lens!

Happy Shopping!