Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lolita Wig AG sponsored by

Ello Ello my bunny rabbits I'm once back with another review from UNIQSO
However today i'm not reviewing circle lenses but wigs!!!
UNIQSO now is selling wigs!!!
So you better go take a look because they have a variety of selections to choose from!
Click here to be directed to their Wigs page!
Today I'm reviewing Lolita Wig AG!

So once again UNIQSO of course never disappoints me with their communication! As always they always inform me of stuff i need to know or stuff i want to know. They're very friendly and answer quick to which i'm grateful for!
The shipping for the wig was really decent! It was as fast as the contact lenses and i was very surprised they arrived at the same time since they were both shipped separately from different places! Which was really cool because i received lens and a wig on the same day!
Quick note btw:
The wigs are sent via registered post instead of express shipping and they're shipped directly from their factory in China!

This is what was inside!

The wig was safely in a bag!

it had a carton thingy to keep it from 
moving a lot!

here's a close up!

and here's the wig!

I wanted a wig in this color for a very long time because the color is very appealing and i just wouldn't dye my hair this color because i'm sadly not allowed!

So here are more pictures that are essential for this review.
Here is the top part of the wig

and here is the back part!!

here are the many different lightnings of this wig!

So i you can tell it is very a brownish purple in dark lighting but then in brighter lighting you can tell the purple more!


color:  5/5
full:  3/5
shiny: 4/5
quality: 5/5

Overall i give it a 4.0.

Here's why:

The wig has a very very beautiful color it doesn't matter the lighting it is beautiful regardless! It is very soft and styled really cute! It is curled with a little braid on the side  and  as well has straight across bangs that fitted perfectly on me without having to cut it. However the wig wasn't very full to my own liking, but it did make the wig look more natural like real hair. The quality of this wig was fairly nice but it is somewhat shiny which can be bothersome to some of you.
I did however love this wig! The color and style is truly adorable and i really recommend it to anyone who wants to try it!
You can find it at UNIQSO and here is their Wigs page!
The model i used was this one Lolita Wig AG!

By now you're probably wondering how is it that i was able to put on this wig!

and well....i was at war with my hair!
It was a true headache!

I had straighten my puffy mess and flatten it out as much as i could with bobby pins!
(ew i know i need to dye my hair but it is healing!)

That is all my rabbit bunnies!
Thank you for reading!