Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Heart to heart: Love and relationships.

Ello Ello my bunny rabbit friends.
Today I want to talk about love and relationships
Because i have some left over feelings in my heart.
So where should i begin?

(picture credits to capturing-sailormoon)

Love is truly a wonderful feeling.

When you're loved by someone, it is as if it fills up an empty space inside you. You can completely be yourself around this person without any fear of them thinking weirdly of you. You feel valued and spoiled, almost as if you were a child again. You can trust this individual with your heart and soul. 

However of course problems do exist in a relationship.

Love is like a roller-coaster.

It is not all flowers and bunnies.

Love has it's hardships.

But just because of difficulties in your relationship 
don't let your partner treat you badly or  not appreciate you.
That's the worst someone can do to you when you're in love
because you cling onto them simply because you love them
which is wrong.
My most biggest respects to the men and ladies who step out quickly
from those kind of relationships because it's truly hard to.
Have some respect and love for yourself,
they're not the only people that exist in this world.
 Believe me that it hurts, but it's only for your own good.

A relationships is made up from 2 people with mutual feelings for each other.
Don't be the only one who makes the efforts in the relationship, 
make sure your feelings are returned and if you feel in doubt always confront that individual with your feelings
You need to feel loved just as they need to be aware of your feelings and who they are in your life.

If you feel lonely and not appreciated or even worst get blamed for things in the relationship,
You should confront this type of situations to your partner but if changes don't occur then 
you should step out of it.
The more you stay in a relationship like that the more it will hurt you.
Love is not that way 
Love is about respect
Admitting when you're wrong
And constant effort from both sides.
You may feel or think that your life will be so empty without that individual
but trust me that it's not.

If that person cannot change their wrong doings then step out.
Don't wait for them.
Whether you want to give them a chance or not it's really up to you.
However do remember you're worth and how you should be treated.
Love shouldn't be selfish, and while each individual should care about their own happiness
Don't let anyone put you in the sidelines because they have other plans in mind.

I think so far i sound very very bitter and cold towards the subject but i really don't want anyone to go through that.
Those kind of relationships are the worst.
It will hurt like there's no tomorrow 
but you will move on and mature from this bittersweet experience.

Always end with good feelings no matter what and don't hold grudges against that person
whether they realize their mistakes or not
Although many things happen between couples
do trust me that the other person is going through some kind of pain
so just end it with good feelings and hold onto the memories.
There's other people out there to meet, don't hold onto someone who won't treat you right or appreciate you.

That's all i left have to say.