Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Hello everyone~
Today I will reviewing a store called ASIANICANDY

They kindly contacted me and asked me if I was interested to review some items for them because they thought I had a nice fashion style (Thank you ASIANICANDY! You're so sweet!)

I really NEVER heard of ASIANICANDY so i of course did some research first.

I always want to provide you guys with stores that are safe to shop in and won't get scam or receive a bad quality product.

I saw that other bloggers have reviewed for them and that they had overall good reviews!
So knowing that i went to read more information about their store.

ASIANICANDY is a group made from independent fashion designers from Asia! Their goal is to spread from super cute japanese fashion to stylish korean fashion. 
They are proud to carry many handmade items and other items that you can't find outside Asia!

ASIANICANDY is a family made of many talented indie designers that are very loved by their customers and reviewers for providing cute clothes with good quality. I can say this myself because I ABOSLUTELY LOVED the items i received. 
The store is 10/10 worth every cent in your pocket.

Besides reviewing this on my blog, I also made a video!
I will provide the link at the end of this post.
The shipping process from ASIANICANDY was very good!
They informed me about my package and provided me a tracking #.
I was very satisfied by their shipping process and I just couldn't wait to get my hands on the items!
It arrived quickly! It was a 2 day shipping after all!

Here is how i received the clothes:

I had received 3 items of my choice 
I chose to review a coat, socks and a blouse.
The items were packaged very well and the clothes weren't wrinkly or damaged in any way which I was grateful for because I once received wrinkly clothes and 
I have a huge pet peeve for wrinkly clothes.

Here are the socks that i chose!
They are white with ribbons on it.
When I first saw them I was worried because they seemed so small but instead they fit me just right!
I did have to untie and tie the ribbon to my liking though.

They're really cute! I really wanted some white socks for winter since I only own a pair of black and brown color.

Here is the floral shirt i chose!

I don't really choose a lot of blouses like these...i like my cute knit sweaters or cute pink floral print shirts However this caught my attention and I'm glad i ended up choosing this because I love it!
The design of the blouse reminds of the flower lace design from Liz Lisa! However it is different and I really love the detail of the flowers!

Last but not least, my most favorite beloved Sailor coat!

What can I even say?
The coat is beyond perfection!
It blew me away!
The quality was so perfect! It wasn't your typical coat...
It has a cute pleated skirt design with a bow on a back!
I mean how cute is that!?
Plus my gosh the quality used on the coat is 100/100!
It's warm, cute, and easy to assessorize! 

Rating: 5/5

The quality, service, items provided in the store, shipping just everything about ASIANICANDY i absolutely love! I do HIGHLY recommend you to check them out! They provide really good items and they're are super cute! 

Thank you ASIANICANDY for kindly providing my your high quality items!

Here I'm with my brand new hair color and super cute coat from ASIANICANDY

For the actual clothes on me please do watch the video here

Thank you brother if you're reading this! For helping me record the video and putting up with my constant complains! None of this is possible without you!


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  1. Really cute things, I love your sailor jacket <3