Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I.Fairy Dolly grey sponsored by UNIQSO

Hi everyone I'm once again back to review these really awesome lenses
called I.fairy dolly grey that UNIQSO sent me!

Originally I had just ordered 1 pair of sclera lenses for my halloween look
but they were really sweet and sent me another pair of lenses.

These lenses really trick you.
To begin with as always no complains from UNIQSO
not a single one!
They always update me on my order and give me my tracking #.
These lenses were sent with my previous black titan review which you can read here
for more packing pictures!

I really love the packaging because it had bunnies in it!

I loved the packaging too much! It was cute.

I totally wasn't expecting the lenses from  UNIQSO so i was wondering how they would look on as I never tried such vibrant circle lenses and much less that kind of design.
I don't really like wearing unnatural lenses so i was a little iffy about it but once i put them on it was a new story.

So here is how it looks on me.

Rate: 5/5

Honestly these lenses blew me away. They are so vibrant and yet look so natural on my eyes. The color stands out no matter what lighting you're viewing it in. Many people noticed my eyes and told me they were really pretty. The design although it looks unnatural it really makes a natural effect on your eye once it is on! I truly loved these lenses! It just make my gyaru eye make-up more fun!
Do try  I.fairy dolly grey from UNIQSO!!!
I extremely loved them and i went from geolica-holicat-barbie-hazel-cat to ifairy-lumos-orange to now my all time favorite   I.fairy dolly grey!

Thank you for reading!
Hope you will try them out and check out UNIQSO!!!


  1. You look really cute with them <3

  2. aww thank you cookiescorpse you're always so sweet to me ^^