Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gyaru eyes with I.Fairy Lumos Orange sponsored by

Hello Everyone I'm back with another UNIQSO review!
I have to apologize for my mini hiatus! I been so busy with exams and homework...
So I have lacked my reviews and other blog posts!
I'm still trying to balance things out!

Well Anyways moving on,
I been wanting to try similar lenses as to what popteen girls have been wearing in their make-up eye tutorials. I seen they really like to wear Lenses like Girlychip and 

They have halloween stuff going on so make sure to check out UNIQSO'!

I been loving gyaru make-up a lot lately to the point i started doing my lips and contouring my nose!

So once again no complain on UNIQSO!
They always inform me of my order status and my lenses were shipped really fast! Express shipping is awesome~

This is how i received the package:

Properly packaged inside

inside envelope 

items inside the parcel

Cute box containing the I.Fairy lumos orange!

So after opening the lenses i let them sink into new fresh clean solution for 6 hours.
If it's your first time using circle lenses please please please 
first time users please read the following articles
How to open safely here 

So yes as you can tell UNIQSO's packaging is really secure! I received 2 lenses from them but I'm reviewing I.Fairy lumos orange first!

So first off how they look on my eyes!

Rating: 4/5


I have to say first that this lenses are kinda drying. I love these lenses for my everyday make-up but they are kinda drying on my eyes! However the design, color and diameter is so perfect! I love wearing these lenses with Gyaru Make-up. The color shows up really pretty on my dark brown eyes and it gives it a bold brown dolly eye look! Resembles many circle lenses that famous gyaru girls wear! This have become my favorite circle lenses beating my other everyday lenses geolica-holicat-barbie-cat-barbie-hazel!

If you haven't noticed I been wearing them a lot in my instagram updates.

I say give them a try! I.Fairy lumos orange truly do not disappoint!
I love mines!
Get them at UNIQSO!
use my code "mochi" for 10% off!

They have halloween stuff going on so make sure to check out UNIQSO'!


  1. so pretty cl *-* you look so cute with them!

  2. I have these lenses! Love them so much :)

    1. Thank you for your comment Catherine! I also love them so much! They become my favorite lenses!