Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween fun!

Hi guys as you noticed i decorated my blog with some spooky fun!

If you followed me since tumblr you probably noted that I always changed my blog around for holidays! 
I do this because I have fun with the many pixels that i have found!
I'm a huge pixel lover.
I hope you do enjoy my halloween themed blog!
I also added some music for you to enjoy.
Hopefully it doesn't bother you!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays besides christmas!
Although i don't like terror, I do enjoy the family time and scary movies!
I wish i was young enough again to go trick or treating though!
I will miss on the free great candy and fun dressing up!

Last year I didn't dress up but I did dressed in halloween colors.

As you can tell in many of my outfit pictures I ADORE wearing high thigh socks!
They just make my skirt outfits look fabulous and my legs appear more thin?
Perhaps that's just me though.

I wonder what kind of outfit i'll come up with this year!

Are you going to dress up?

Also I'm sorry for my lack of updates! I been so busy with school but lately it's been getting better I think.
Thanks so much for reading!
Please do let me know if the music bothers you.
I know for many people it is bothersome.


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