Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween! Phantasee Mini Sclera Lens Black Titan sponsored by

Hello Hello Everyone!
How was your Halloween?
Mine was kinda boring.
Just stayed home and watched movies.
However that did not stop me from dressing up!

To be quite honest I am a little scared when it comes to sclera lenses
because to me they look really uncomfortable to have on!
However i decided to give them a try!

As usual no complains from Uniqso!
I ordered the lenses on the week of Halloween and they arrived on the day before halloween!
Just perfect timing for me to try on for halloween!

It arrived like this,

To my surprise i received another pair of lenses!
I only ordered  a pair and UNIQSO sent me another pair~
Thank you UNIQSO!

I took this pictures before applying my whole halloween make-up because i was so amazed how BIG these lenses were!


rating: 5/5

For being huge sclera lens they didn't cause me any discomfort. When i put these lenses on I was really scared for them to be really uncomfortable but instead they were like any other type of circle lenses. The size is 17.00 mm which made my eyes look extremely big like a doll! The black is very vibrant and definitely pops your eyes out. I enjoyed these sclera lenses quite a lot and i recommend for you guys to try them out! Really no discomfort whatsoever! I'm willing to try more lenses like this more for special looks~

Did you have a nice Halloween?

I hope you did! 

Check them out on UNIQSO!