Saturday, September 20, 2014

Negative feelings go go away!

Hello Guys
More than ever i been feeling very very negative.
I been over-thinking many stuff like school and other many things.

Sometimes I feel and think like,
"Why should i go to school?"

I like going to school and doing something out of my life
other than just stay home and blog.
However many people have been filling my head that even after you graduate and hold a degree,
Your chances of finding a job are very slim.
I heard many stories from people and it's making me over-think a lot.
I surely appreciate the opportunity to go to school and obtain an education because not many women in my family has gotten that chance.
My own sister who recently graduated from university hasn't even been able to obtain a job in a simple places like fast food restaurants or clothing shops.

It makes really think about all the money that I'm going to owe to the University only to not be able to obtain a job or be able to pay debt.

Then struggling with linguistics class because it's in Spanish (I understand Spanish however that level of Spanish is too high) not doing so good in it....and having the french teacher yell at me or not have patience because she's in a bad mood because other people didn't do their homework...

I truly love what I'm majoring in and I know without struggle there is no gain. This however, is out of question. I feel so out of place, like a loser, and most of all i feel so stressed. 

I guess that's the university life.

And to add more to the flame, 
Some of my family members won't stop pressuring me about going for the path of nursing. Always telling me that my major will not take me anywhere and that it will be better for me to go for nursing.
Making me feel like I'm making feel as if what i'm doing right now is a waste of time.

Now i'm over-thinking my choices.

Even someone who i thought loved me told me what would i even be good at. I'm just like a little girl.

Should i go to school? Should I change majors? Should i just give up? 

Everything is so difficult. 

I don't get why kids are such in a hurry to grow up. I would give anything to go back to that point in my life. 

Wanting love...
wanting to push everyone away...
wanting to disappear..
wanting to better yourself..

It is all confusing.

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