Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kawaii gyaru shop review

Hello Everyone !
Today I'm going to review a store called Kawaii Gyaru Shop
To all my gyaru fashion lovers, this is your spot!

If you haven't heard of Kawaii Gyaru Shop take a look, they offer a variety of stuff!

Basically they're a shop that is located in Troy, MI and their goal is to provide western gals cute japanese fashion without having to have an expensive agent/shopping service. 
How nice is that?
Also their branded clothing (Shibuya 109: Liz Lisa, Tralala, Liz Lisa Doll, Ank Rouge, MA*RS, DreamV (Yumetenbo) and more) is 100% real they also sell some used items!
However some items are shipped from Japan, take a look at their FAQ page for more information.

Shall we get started?

Well i ordered some Liz Lisa boots i really wanted for a long time. I saw them on KGS but I was debating to get them or not because personally I never spent so much on shoes but they were Liz Lisa after all and I really really wanted them.
I got them on size M even though I use L and I was really scared they wouldn't fit.
These are the boots i ordered! 

The package was covered in cute hearts !
Shipping took about 2-3 weeks. Understandable because they were shipped from Japan! KGS provided proof that they sent me the package and told me which day it was shipped.

Opening it with all excitement 

there was those little glitter strings that I don't know what they're called but yeah!
It felt like getting a big present with lots of love~

Boots were carefully packaged and to my surprise, I found some cute red pockets (i believe so?) and cute peach fuzzy socks!

They totally didn't have to but they did !
I was so happy because i love socks! Plus sanrio!

Going on with the boots, they were carefully packaged as you can see,

Liz Lisa tag~

The bow was as well carefully wrapped~

closer look on the bow!
Isn't the little gold heart so cute?
Also the detail on the bow is really cute !
It's detachable if you don't like it which i doubt hehe~

really the detail Liz Lisa puts on their items is amazing..
Forever my favorite brand !

On me:
the front of the boots are so cute and I just love the lace up!

and the back is so sexy !

And here's a funny face !
The sun was hitting my face!
To me wedges are not my favorite, but honestly it gives it a cute effect!

So now to the rating and thoughts:
customer service: 

These store gets all my trust and I recommend you guys to shop in it. I like to provide you guys with shops that you can safely shop in where you won't get scammed or get a bad quality product. Kawaii Gyaru Shop has fair prices (seen more pricey items honestly and from taobao not the real thing!) they're really kind to their customers and they answered my questions about the size of the boots. Shipping is the same as when you order something from Asia but like I said some items are shipped from Japan and some from U.S i believe. Go ahead and take a look at Kawaii Gyaru Shop it has great prices and variety of items.


Honestly these boots are too perfect. I almost screamed of joy when i saw them. I wanted them for a long time and finally i got them in my hands! The detail on the boots is so beautiful and I can see why Liz Lisa items are so popular. I'm 5'5 (166cm) and because of that I can't ever find boots that will go past my knees, these however went past my knee which I absolutely loved! 

So yes that is all my loves!
I hope you enjoyed this review on Kawaii Gyaru Shop
Please treat them kindly !



  1. Thank you sweetie for such a lovely review! I'm so glad you love your boots! You look gorgeous! ^_^

  2. OMG! Vi tus botas en tu cuenta de Instagram y las amé! Que bueno que les hiciste un review ♥ Son aún más perfectas! Y luces muy bella con ellas puestas ♥

  3. Thank you Steph! ^__^ i hope you get more customers because you truly deserve them! Sorry for inconvience i fixed the images ^^

  4. Gracias Katerine!! jeje Te quiero!