Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I-codi colors of the wind: Pure Grape No. 38 sponsored by

Hello Everyone I'm back with another post from

I'm sorry I been lacking with blog updates!
I was stuck with midterms!
Now I'm going enjoying spring break.
I have many blog updates to make so look forward to it!

Today I'm reviewing I-codi colors of the wind in Pure Grape
I never really heard of these I-codi colors of the wind series
Therefore I really wanted to give them a try.
You should check out I-codi colors of the wind on UNIQSO!
There's really some cute colors and design to choose from!

I chose Pure Grape since i love purple circle lenses.

Let's begin, shall we?
And like always no problems from UNIQSO
everything went smoothly.
Recently i bought from UNIQSO with my own money, and just to let you guys know I received the same quality of customer service.
Splendid! I love their order updates.

Here's how i received the lenses:

The packaging is fancy, I likey!

So after opening the lenses i let them sink into new fresh clean solution for 6 hours.
If it's your first time using circle lenses please please please 
first time users please read the following articles
How to open safely here 

On my eye in natural lighting:
Dark lighting:

Rating: 4/5

When I first tried these lenses out on my eyes I fell in love with the color. I tried many different purple lenses but none I tried resemble this color. This color is mixed with pink tones which gives a vibrant color on the eyes. The diameter was incredibly big but it was still very natural like the nudy series. I really love this lenses though my only complain would be is that in the stock picture it looked like it had gold but it doesn't have that effect on my eye.
Otherwise I recommend this lenses for big dolly eyes ! 

 These  are the Pure Grape and you can get them from UNIQSO!
You can use my code "mochi" for 10% off your order!

Check them out as their current promotion is that if you waste at least $10 you get FREE SHIPPING!!!
Happy shopping!



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