Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Royal Remy Hair extensions sponsored by IRRESISTIBLEME.COM

Hello Everyone 
I'm back with a new review!
This time, I'm reviewing hair extensions from

It's been a while since I last review hair items.
I'm very excited to talk about this wonderful hair extensions.

But first let's talk about irresistibleme!
irresistibleme carries silky touch, ponytails, highlights and royal remy hair.
It also carries full lace wigs, hair accessories and hair tools!
How cool is that?
You should totally check them out because they carry some high quality products!

I didn't know that Remy hair was real human hair until I read through the websites information. I was really amazed! I thought they were fake hair but to my surprise I found out they were indeed real human hair. 
I shall save up my opinions for later.
Let's start with packaging:
It came in a package like this and from FEDEX

Then there was this box that I found super professional

Inside the hair extensions were safely and properly packaged

here we have the hair extensions bag out of the box

This little section is a preview of the hair extension
before you open the full set of hair extensions to make sure
you are satisfied with the color and length!
Isn't that awesome? 

here is the back.

I got the 24 inch and 200G!

Customer service:
I was helped by Madison and she was very kind and got back to me 1-2 days which is very fast considering she must have a lot of messages to attend to. I had sent her a picture and we talked about shades & such but then she sent me this super useful video from their youtube channel!
Pictures can be tricky specially with hair pieces because you want to get the most accurate color to match your hair. Pictures can give you very different lighting but in this video they're comparing shades and really show you how the shade looks. The shade i chose (light brown) is 10/10 exactly as shown in the video.

also in their website you can see videos of other youtubers and their reviews on that certain shade
Example Light brown:
As you can see irresistibleme has a very good reputation among youtubers and bloggers!

Now the shipping was VERY fast!
First of all, I was informed when my packaged was sent and i was given a tracking number. The hair extensions were from China and I got them within 3 days. 
I was very pleased that they came so quickly in the mail.

The hair extensions were so soft..just like human hair! They weren't shiny or looked funny.
You can view my video here and later on I'll post high quality pictures!

Click the link to watch my video !

As you can see the shade i chose was a bit more darker than my hair because I had previously dyed my hair with Palty Sakura donut which made my hair red, purple, and light brown. My hair faded then to a orange color sadly. However that's no problem as I'm planning to fix the hair extensions to match my color or go to a light brown hair color again.

Store rating: 5/5
 customer service: 
Hair extensions rating:

Where to start? I pretty much gave it up throughout the review. The store is perfect. You won't have any problems with them. The fact that they give you a little preview on the baggie in case of wrong color or length is so amazing! Not to mention how sweet they are to their customers and how super fast their shipping is! There's plently who can tell you this as well! The hair extensions really look like your own hair and it gives me a lot of volume! It is a really huge difference even when my hair is already very long. I got their longest 24 inch hair extensions and 200 grams of it which is really a lot of pieces!

I recommend this HIGHLY!

Have fun checking them out! 

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