Monday, September 15, 2014

Venus eyes Milky Blue from EN.PINKCON

Hello my lovely bunnie rabbits!
I'm once again back with another review but this time from 

They kindly contacted me to review a pair of circle lenses for them.

I never ever heard of their shop and quite honestly it looks really awesome!
They hold many circle lenses that I have never seen before on other shops which is really awesome!

They sell many circle lens beauty products, wigs and even cameras!
So check out en.pinkicon!

So here's what i know about en.pinkicon:
  • They are Hong Kong's largest online korean color contact lens store
  • they provide over 300 different designs of color lens
  • They are solo agent of NEO and GEO lens that allow them to have sufficient stock
Their goal is to make us happy by purchasing their products !
If you wish to know more please kindly visit en.pinkicon

Moving on with the actual review,

To begin with,
I was contacted by Kathy about my circle lenses being shipped out on August 29 and they provided me a tracking number along with a website to track it.
I got the lenses after 2 weeks have passed which is not bad considering they come from HK!

I have waited more for my circle lens from other stores i shopped from back in the days but of course I'm not saying names.

I can't really say much about customer service because I didn't really experience much of it but one thing for sure Kathy was really informative and kind.

Here's how i received the package:

The items inside:

Detail about my lenses:

Cute booklets about en.pinkicon!

On the booklet of the right when you opened it
it had instructions essential for first time users!
Take a look!
Remember you can click images to make them larger.

On the left booklet it showed the kind of special items en.pinkicon offers!
I loved the booklet because of the pastel colors and design!

And now here are the lenses:

Instructions that came with the lenses:

Pictures are really self explanatory but if you wish me to explain I shall.

and lastly the lenses themselves on my eyes:

rating: 4/5


 Where to begin? Well the lenses are very beautiful! However to me the design wasn't something i really liked on my brown eyes. I think the design on these lenses would look beautiful on colored eyes. However despite having dark brown eyes the color blue on these lenses showed up very nicely regardless of the lighting as you can see from my picture. I don't usually like blue lenses but the blue on these was a really cute baby blue! Despite their design they look very natural which i really love.  The lenses after a perhaps 4 hours made my eyes feel kinda dry which is normal I don't really wear lenses for more than 4 hours.

I invite you to try the Venus eyes! 
You can find other colors on en.pinkicon
This was the 

Did you like the lenses?

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  1. wooow *-* I didn't know this shop, but your lenses are really pretty and you look so cute with them! <3