Sunday, September 7, 2014


Ça va?
How are you doing?
Como has estado?
Ça va très bien!
It's going well!
Todo va bien!

Je m'appelle Momochiime!
My name is Momochiime!
Mi nombre es Momochiime!
Et vous? 
and you?
Y tu?

Je étudié français!
I study french!
Yo estudio francés!
J'ai appris sur le, la, les, l '
I learned about le, la, les, l'
Aprendí sobre le, la, les l'
J'ai aussi appris un une et des!
I also learned about un, une and des!
También aprendí sobre un, une y des!
Je peux maintenant faire des phrases complètes!
I now can form complete sentences!
Ahora ya puedo formar oraciones completas!

So far i learned many things off from my french class and it's beginning to be fun!
At first it was really hard and embarrassing but i think i got the hang of it!
I couldn't pronounce "l'amie" the teacher said you don't pronounce it as "le amie" but as a one word like "lamie"

I get many many homework from French but i really do enjoy it a lot!
I wanted to update you guys a little since i been kinda neglecting blogging!

So I started school on August 25th! I was so so nervous because my campus is so huge compared to my previous school! Luckily i was shown around and i got the hang of it! 

However oh gosh the walking!
My city is really really hot so I was dying during those long 10 min walks from building to building!
Thankfully I can now feel Autumn coming! 
Just yesterday it got really chilly!
So yay for sweaters, hot chocolate, warm hugs, cute boots ect!

As far as friends i made 2 friends in French class and I'm very happy about it because it makes the class more fun and less nerve wrecking for me!
I really love them because they're really bubbly like me !

I also got my sweet boyfriend whom i spent the most time with~
I'm really grateful for him being there and now I get to experience what's it like to have a boyfriend during school haha~
A little fantasy of mines.

I been so busy with a lot of homework but I think once I'm done with my class in the computer I'll be more free! 
There has been a lot going on in my house as well since my mother remarried!
Here's a picture:


I will bring some new reviews from the products I have bought for this semester!
Please look forward to it!


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