Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Make up brush set from BORN PRETTY STORE + Mini giveaway

Hello everyone once again I'm back !
I just finished my worst nightmare of homework!
I truly have a lot but I'm happy I can keep up with my blog!

So again I'm back with Born Pretty Store!
Last time i reviewed their lipstick product!
 If you haven't seen it please kindly check it out here

So today I'm reviewing the second item i received from them!
Which is this 7pcs pink brush set

Here's how i received the package:

And here's more detailed pictures of the brush set.

It includes:

            Concealer Brush Blush/Lip Brush Powder Brush Eyebrow Comb 

My friend Jesse had gifted me a complete set of make-up set recently and I got to admit that i love them! Thy're very similar to the ones i received from  Born Pretty Store!

These brushes are really really soft and so far i haven't had any shedding problems. I really like the colors on the brushes because pink is my favorite color. I really use the brushes a lot specially when it comes to contouring my nose with this brush

(Right is Born Pretty Store)

As you can see the brush that my friend gifted me and Born Pretty Store brush is exactly the same!

Rating: 4/5

This brush set is convenient for when you want to take it to work or school inside your bag because of it's size!

So since I already got a complete set of these brushes I would like to give it away to someone who needs/wants it! 
I'm lucky and grateful i got such a big brush set from my friend ! I would give it to my friends but I'm pretty sure they got one of their own by now unlike me lol!

So here are my rules to this Mini Giveaway:
1.  Visit Born Pretty Store and comment down below what you liked/want from them (you don't need to be a blogger member just provide your e-mail address)
2. Follow them on IG or like their FB page! (leave your name or username)
3. This giveaway is for my followers so i would appreciate if you would Please follow me (if you aren't) on either IGFB or BLOGLOVIN which ever one you prefer but if you follow me on 2 or all you will get an extra entry.

Lastly this Giveaway is not open internationally since it's just a mini giveaway and rather have a big away and have open internationally.

This will end on Sept 18, 2014
Good luck!

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  1. I were seeing these brushes last days so thank you for the review. It's a pity that min giveaway isn't international jaja

    1. Oh you're welcome! <3 Thank you for reading it ^-^ next giveaway will surely be international :)

  2. I really want one of their Curing UV Lights and brush sets because I love doing my nails and makeup, I believe I followed all the rules! 😉 My fb Name is Lucia Lopez and on IG its @ilovelucia_ just started following you momochiiime and ive been following bornprettystore my email is lucialopez562@gmail.com ☺

    1. Hi Lucia!
      That sounds awesome! Thank you for checking out their shop :) Thank you for following all the rules dear! <3 Good luck!