Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Long black straight wig sponsored by UNIQSO.com

Hello Everyone!
I'm back once again to review a wig i got from UNIQSO.

Recently i been wanting to dye my hair black again but I just love my bleached hair because it goes really nice with my clothing and my gyaruish make-up.

Many people suggested me to get a black wig and well my dear sponsor UNIQSO gave me the option to choose a wig so i thought why not!?

I also been wanting to dress as Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo since I been rewatching it so a black wig would serve for 2 purposes!

As always of course no complains from UNIQSO.
The wig this time took a little more to arrive to my home so I was a little worried and asked UNIQSO.
about it and of course they responded quickly and assured me it was coming and if not to contact them so they can fix it.
The wig came the next day!

How i got the package:


properly packaged wig:

wig out of baggie:

How i styled my bangs:

The bangs were really long and I wear mine short and straight across.

What i did was that I just positioned the wig to fit in my head well and brush down the bang part.

then i just grabbed office type scissors and measured with my fingers how much i want to cut.

Sorry for the lack of pictures and blurryness of the only shot i got, I took the pictures by myself this time without the help of my younger brother who does most of the photos! 
There's really not much into styling your bangs in the wig.
You just got to position your wig properly on your head and cut your style of bangs.

Here's the top of the wig:

back of the wig:


To start with, I was really amazed by how long it was! It is really is long! The hair was so soft and natural looking though a bit shiny. The style is like straight but a little wavy at the bottom which gave it a nice effect. The wig wasn't very full but it made the wig look more natural in that way. I really liked this wig because it actually looks like your hair when you put it on! 
Do i recommend it? Yes i do! It was such a nice experience with this wig because it was so soft ad real looking! Even my mother thought it was really nice and wanted to wear it herself!

So give Cosplay Wig - Shakugan No Syana a try for your cosplay look or for you to have black hair without having to dye it!

Get it at UNIQSO!

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