Monday, August 25, 2014

balala co lipstick cream: shade #02 sponsored by Born Pretty Store

Hello Everyone!
So I'm back again with another Born Pretty Store review!
Last time I reviewed eyelashes from them!
You can read that post and learn more about them here.
Last post i didn't provide my code because i didn't have one
but I was kindly provided one!

Please use coupon code MOMOH10!
Happy Shopping!

I got 2 items from them but I'm reviewing them separately as they requested.
Today I'm reviewing 
In shade #2! 

Here's how i got the package from Born Pretty Store :

My cat was really interested in what Born Pretty Store  had sent me!

As you can see the items were packaged properly specially the lipstick!

Here's Balala co #4 lipstick!

Thought the packaging was really cute!
Specially the little heart!

I was really excited to try it on but I had already lip tint on my lips so i just tried it on my arm
to see the color!

I didn't think the lipstick color would look very orange but instead i thought it would be more of a pinkish orange tone.
However I was still very excited though because I always wanted an orange lipstick to sport on a natural look like this:

You may think orange lipstick is weird and stick only to reds and pinks but really girls! Orange lipstick gives such a natural yet charming look in my opinion.

How it looks on me:



The color of this lipstick is very vibrant and charming when it's put on your lips. The texture is actually creamy so I can see why it would be called a "creamy lipstick" it kinda felt like a lip balm on my lips! The durability of this lipstick was surprisingly good!? It's very pigmented so it stayed on my lips for more than 5 hours! When my other drugstore lipsticks stay on for about 1-2 hours. The quality overall is good for $6. 
You don't always have to buy items for big money to obtain a good item!
There's many good pricing items at Born Pretty Store so please check them out kindly and 
Please use coupon code MOMOH10!

This was the Balala co lipstick cream in shade #4

Hope you liked this review and will kindly check out their store!

Bunny kisses




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    1. Thank you dear and thank you for following!
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