Saturday, May 30, 2015

University life: My first failure!

Hello Hello my lovelies!
Today I'm making another post dealing with life 
and to be more specific school life!

I'm in university but it doesn't matter if you're in elementary, middle school or high school,
I feel this applies to all of us who have come not to succeed at some point of our lives!

So get some nice snacks for yourself, grab onto a pillow, play something refreshing that promotes positiveness in the air!
Let's talk!

Here's some of my favorite tunes that make me happy,

I'm happy to share with you the simple things that lift up my mood when I'm feeling blue

Well this school semester went flying!
Are you enjoying your break from school?
Or excited to finish school or graduate?
I'm currently enjoying my mini break
before I start with my summer semester 
congratulations to everyone who graduating or graduated this year
and let's us be patient for us who haven't!
Let's work hard!

So to begin with!
I was taking french 2 this spring semester but I had no idea that I was doing so horribly.
I had good attendance, participated in class and brought my homework
 to class everyday, as well did the online homework. 
Everything was going smooth, I understood the material well from checking the homework in class. On my first exam I scored a C, so I thought if I worked harder I would pass this class. 
However the teacher speeded up the lessons and expected us to learn the material on our own.
My favorite class started to become hell to me.

I'm aware that language courses are tough because you're been exposed to a new language,
However unlike my Chinese class, French class was more than just tough.

The teacher was ALWAYS in a bad mood
which really ruined the mood for all of us to learn french.
If we mispronounce a word she would sigh dramatically
 and interrupt us and tell another person to read.
It came to a point that we would mispronounce words and 
she thought we did it on purpose to make her mad
 which in exchange for our "bad behavior" she would make us do 
tons of book work and online work.

We had taken a test to which she said madly  said that she was so disappointed
and that our generation was so lazy and quick to do things.
She gave us back our test without corrections or any help and
told us she would give us 2 lessons test to give us more time to study.
When we asked about some questions we didn't understand,
she said there were on the book and that we should know.

Of course it didn't end up to well for us seeing that from what I heard from my study group and other classmates, most of us failed the class.
But got part of the credit of the class thankfully.

When I saw my grade I wanted to cry and I was really really disappointed.
I felt like 
except my expression was horribly sad.

I honestly wished that I could fall in the deepest hole and die in it.
I felt miserable and sad.

My lovely sister Jesse (khyunwal) told me she had also failed at some point
and comforted me and my other lovely sister Misa (misaraisu
Also reached out to me and told me about one time she failed.

Without these lovely girls I wouldn't have stepped up from my crying.

I shouldn't let my grade define me and much less drive me to give up.
Just because this teacher wasn't at all that good, doesn't mean 
I should give up on french nor on my dream to learn 
many languages!

I decided to retake the class during the summer to improve.
With a different teacher of course!

So experiencing all these feelings I wanted to make a little list 
for you lovelies:

  • Don't beat yourself over this. It isn't the end of the world. If it happens it happens, you can either mop the floor or get up and fix it. 

You're bound to make mistakes in life, but those mistakes 
will help you learn and be prepared for the next time.
If there's something that I learned as a child is that,
"If at first you don't succeed, try try again"
You aren't always going to succeed,
but you know the bright side to it?
You can always try again.

  • If you put all of your efforts, it counts.

Just because you didn't pass the class it doesn't mean that you didn't try your very best! Sometimes it is out of our hands even if we try our hardest and put all of our efforts. You tried your hardest and that is what counts!

  • Maybe it wasn't the best time for you
Maybe you were going through a hard time. Bullying, depression, the loss of someone special, sickness, you name it. Sometimes our emotions or health get in the way and doesn't let us perform our very best. However that isn't your fault, things happen and it hits us hard. These things happen to all of us. Don't fret over what you couldn't accomplish and instead focus on getting better and putting your heart at ease. You're an important individual please take care of yourself until you're ready to take on school again.

  • Never give up
Things never turn out like we want them to. 
But who said life was easy right?
We will face struggle after struggle 
but just because we were defeated it doesn't mean we give up.
Were like a game character, when we make a mistake we go and level up
and fight the boss again until we overcome that struggle.

Just because you experienced something bad, don't let that lead you to give up 
on your dreams or goals.
As long as you have the want and will, you are able to accomplish 
whatever you want.

So remember, just because you failed it doesn't mean you're dumb or stupid
Don't beat yourself because of that grade.

I love you guys!
god bless.


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