Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kimchi Mio Pink sponsored by UNIQSO.com

Hello my bunny rabbits!
Once again I'm back with another UNIQSO lens review!

Today I'll be reviewing these big 16mm lenses 
(Wig in this photo also from  UNIQSO you can read the review here)

Remember that you can click the images for a bigger size.

As always no complains from UNIQSO
They always respond fast to me and always e-mail me when they process, ship and when they have the tracking # available. They also tell me how is it that i can track my order through DHL or on USPS.

The shipping of the lenses was really fast! They were shipped through DHL express. It took 4 days for the lenses to arrive to my house! Unlike normal shipping which usually takes 2 weeks. So if you need lenses as soon as possible please consider DHL express shipping on UNIQSO

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As always the package was properly bubble wrapped.
Here is how i received the package:

Here is how the lenses look on with different lighting:

and here's a random picture.
Do you like my bow?


I don't usually choose these type of circle lenses but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. To start with, the design is really interesting. I usually choose natural looking circle lenses but the design in these are interesting. It's sort of like a spiral design around your eye which is really cool! I really loved the color mix of orange and pink and the lenses are very vibrant & true to their color. Now to the enlargement! These lenses are HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE! They literally opened up my eyes making them appear really big! But despite the diameter they're really comfortable to wear! That's why I think that if you want to go for a fun ulzzang look or want to make a anime look to use these!

These were the 
Kimchi Mio Pink (Vassen) !
and here is the "Kawaii Makeup tutorial with pink circle lenses"
You can get them at UNIQSO and use


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