Thursday, July 17, 2014

Peachy Pink wig (Cosplay Wig - Vocaloid - Luka A) sponsored by

Hello my bunnie loves!
I'm now back with another UNIQSO review!
This time it's a wig review!!
If you haven't noticed UNIQSO is now selling wigs!
Kindly check out their wigs page where you can pick color, length and style!

The wig I'm reviewing for you guys today is Vocaloid Luka model "A"

I have seem to got my photos deleted before i could transfer them to my computer 
(blame is on my sister)
But i have luckily reviewed the wig packaging in another review!
You can view it here:

I apologize so much for this!
The packaging is the same as in my last post.
The wig came safely in a baggie !
Here's a picture from my Instagram.

I chose a pink wig this time because pink is my most favorite color as you can tell from my blog! I wouldn't ever dare to dye my hair pink because my family would probably not approve i can only barely dye my hair light colors! Plus my skin is a natural beige so these types of hair colors don't really fit me...

As always no problem with UNIQSO they updated me on my order status!

Anyways you can see how to put your wig on Vocaloid Luka model "A" page by scrolling down! There's some directions in there!
You can also see how to care for your wigs here 

So here i'm wearing the wig!
As always my mouth doing it's own thing making me look silly!
       so i blocked it with a cute heart hehe

If interested in my outfit:
Top: Forever21
Sweater: Was a gift (sorry!)
Skirt: Forever21
Socks: Ebay (search vivi style socks)
Shoes: Forever21

Here's a close-up 
The back of the wig is so gorgeous isn't it?

and a front view

Quality: 4/5
Color: 5/5
Full: 3/5
Length: 5/5
Style: 5/5

The moment the wig was on me I fell in love.
First  off the quality of this wig is super super good! It is not shiny at all which is something i'm very picky about. If you want a more pinkish color then please don' t get this one because as you can see
the color is a peachy pink but i still find the shade of pink really really cute!  The wig is no very full to my liking, though it may seem so it's actually no full but it still looks nice in my* opinion. The length is pretty long which i really liked! It has side bangs and beautiful curls! I really loved this wig despite it not being full because it looked so gorgeous on and i never knew a pink wig would look nice on me!!
There's many selections of wigs to choose! 
Please kindaly visit UNIQSO's wigs page where you can pick color, length and style!
The wig I'm reviewed is Vocaloid Luka model "A"

You can use my code "Mochi" to get 10% off your order!

Thank you so for reading my review and thank you UNIQSO!