Sunday, July 13, 2014

GEOLICA Holicat Funky Cat Funky Blue sponsored by

Ello Ello!
I'm back with another sponsored review from UNIQSO!
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Today's review is on Geolica Holicat funky blue  
Here you can check whether or not your GEO circle lenses are authentic

I was really excited to try these because their design is so pretty! Plus the model really convinced me!

Big question is...would it look nice on us as the model? 

Of course as always i have no complains on UNIQSO's customer service, this might be sponsored but i also take note on how fast and helpful a store is and UNIQSO is really approachable! I LOVE how fast they respond to me and update me on my order!

This time the lenses were ship to me really fast! I usually have to wait 2 weeks for them but they were shipped with express shipping! Totally worth the money if you need your lenses fast! And with the current promotion going on at UNIQSO i would not waste the chance!

It took about 3-4 days for me to receive them! Amazingly fast and i love it since i was super super excited to try these lenses!

And now,
Here is how i received my lenses:

this was inside the DHL package

And finally here the lenses!

Isn't the packaging so freaking adorable!?
I saved the boxes i couldn't throw it away!

I received 2 pair of lenses but today i'm reviewing

Here's what was inside!
The lenses didn't come in vials as they usual do but in blisters! Which is so much easier to open while vials are a pain in the butt to open for me!

You just pull up the side where it's half open!

It also came with these directions on how to put on your lens!

Here's my siamese cat being really interested in the things i gotten from UNIQSO

"It says cat it's mine!"

So here how it looks on me! I did a catish eye look! Let me know if you want a tutorial on it! I will do it for you guys !

Design:  5/5
Comfort: 5/5
Color: 5/5
Enlargement: 5/5
Why i rated this 5 out of 5:
As you can see no matter what the lightning is, these lens are very vibrant and true to their color!
I'm not a fan of blue but these lenses...they had a interesting design which made me want to get them and indeed they do have a very flattering design. I really hate wearing blue lens because in my eye they look dark blue and i don't like it. These are originally already dark blue but the gold and dark blue really do some nice and interesting blending ! The color sorta remind me of my Siamese cat eye color! They really make your eyes stand out because they're vibrant and the colors are interesting. As for the diameter they're fairly big! They're 14.5 mm and they do make a huge difference on my eyes making it look like i have big cat eyes! I wore these the whole day for these review and i really had no problems with them despite their size. I do recommend these lenses whether you're gyaru or ulzzang i think these lenses will rock any look! 

You can get them from UNIQSO they're Geolica Holicat funky blue 
I'm really looking forward to review the next lenses Barbie cat!

This is all for today!
Thank you my dear bunny rabbits for reading!