Sunday, July 6, 2014

2NE1 collab with Khyunwal, Akira1219 and Misaraisu!

Hello everyone!
Here i come with another post of 2NE1's make up!
I previously posted the last one on my tumblr blog but since i want to be more active
on my blogspot i decided to go ahead and post it here!
Cool banner made by my umma Khyunwal!

So I was in charge of Bommie's make up! I
 really love Bom so i was happy i can do her make-up 
even though 
my three big sisters are better at make-up than me!

So here's who is who
Misaraisu as CL
Khyunwal as Dara
Akirahkbeauty as Minzy!

Go visit their blogs for their version!
If they haven't posted it you can view it on our blog Mimo Jikan!
We wanted to start a blog together and share our beauty tips and such !
This collab is the first post! I hope you will also support it !
We will post more stuff on it soon so stay tune!

So here's my Bommie look!
Eh Eh Eh Eh 2ne1~ 
Do i look like Bom?

The key to Bom is eye make-up. Nothing else here matters as long as you can master her eye make-up. I been Bom's number #1 fan since day one so i have a lot of experience with her eye make-up. If you think about it it's kind of like ulzzang eye make up! Though she is going natural nowadays and using dolly wink eyelashes!

Here is my short tutorial!
I kinda rushed doing this so i apologize if it's crappy
i had a lot going on and i didn't want to hold back anyone!

It's pretty easy to do! Nothing to big or hard.

The key is the liner!

I hope you enjoyed this mini make-up tutorial!
Please check out the other girl's tutorial because they are much better and cooler than mines!

Thank you for reading!
Now I'm off to hug my poong poong!