Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I.Fairy Dolly Red (Vassen) sponsored by UNIQSO.com

Hello my Bunny Rabbits I'm back once again to review
the second pair of lenses I received from UNIQSO
Last time i reviewed Kimchi Mio Pink
Today I'm reviewing 

As always no complains from UNIQSO
They always respond fast to me and always e-mail me when they process, ship and when they have the tracking # available. They also tell me how is it that i can track my order through DHL or on USPS.

The shipping of the lenses was really fast! They were shipped through DHL express. It took 4 days for the lenses to arrive to my house! Unlike normal shipping which usually takes 2 weeks. So if you need lenses as soon as possible please consider DHL express shipping on UNIQSO

As always the package was properly bubble wrapped.
Here is how i received the package:

You can read my last review here

How the lens looked in my eyes:
(natural eye color is dark brown)


The reason i got red lenses it's because i want to dress up as Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo.
Don't know who she is?
she looks like this:
Isn't she cute? I mean aside from her red eyes!

Jigoku Shoujo (Hell girl) Is one of my favorite animes! I know it's kinda creepy and messed up but it has a very interesting story-line. If you haven't watched it, I recommend it! 

Because Ai has very big vibrant red eyes I wanted to go with very noticeable lenses and i chose very well. 
The color in I.Fairy dolly red is very very vibrant in any lighting even in a dark lighting it showed it's vibrant red proudly. My eyes are originally dark brown but the red still showed off very extremely well! The diameter is very very big! It made my eyes look rounder? Which is good because Enma Ai as you can see has very big dolly round eyes.  Surprisingly these lenses are very comfortable. I didn't even feel them at all! Despite their diameter the lenses are very comfortable to wear.
That is why i rate it 5/5
Have a red eyed anime character you want to cosplay?
Want to make a cool look for halloween?
I recommend these lenses! 

You can use my coupon code "mochi" for 10% off your orders my dears!
Also Make sure to check out UNIQSO
check out their current promotion & current rewards!

That's all!
Thank you for reading my lovelies!

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