Saturday, August 9, 2014

Heart to Heart: Confidence and Respect

Hello my lovelies 

Today i actually want to talk about confidence and respect.

I know it may seem very random but the reason for that is because i saw a video that made me think about a lot of things.

But before i start i know I'm not the right person to be talking about this 
because i know i lack a lot in self-esteem and confidence.

Since a child i have always been "special"
or so my mother says.

I have always liked other stuff that maybe my race group wouldn't look at twice.
When i was younger i would always get bullied by my other classmates for liking anime or other types of cartoons.
I truly loved drawing as well so I always drew for them but i never thought that i would get put down for doing something i love or being judged for the things i love.

Because of this I always tried so hard trying to fit in with others by speaking only in english (something i truly sucked at) and getting into emo and gothic styles during middle school.

In the end that only brought me fake friends and even more bullies.

As a kid/teenager i moved a lot which made me change schools at least 4 times.
Being a shy and quiet person didn't really help me to make any friends either.
So i tried really hard to fit in.

No matter what i did, they never accepted me

As i grew older I realized there's no one to please but myself.
Why should i hide my likes and hobbies to please others?
Why should i change for others to accept me?

Growing up i even dated a person that told me that i was ugly and fat.
He didn't like how i dressed and asked me to change.
I the dumb 17-18 year old i was tried changing my style into a more mature one.

But it was not fun.

Nor was it healthy for my self-esteem or confidence.
It took me a while to wake up but now here I'm writing this.

Don't judge someone because they're different from the crowd. 
Just because someone is different it doesn't mean that you should attack that person for it.
It takes a lot to be yourself in a crowd and I think we deserve a little bit of credit.
Learn how to respect others and admire them not crush them and put them down.
Encourage them to be themselves because no one else does a good job at being you other than yourself.

You should take that example yourself and stand out from the crowd. I know many of you may feel that you have to look a certain way or dress a certain way to fit in with others or be accepted but let me tell you something,

Screw them

You be yourself. You dress the way you want, do your make up the way you want, color your hair the way you want ect.

But learn to respect that and don't judge others.

Everyone is just trying to be themselves.

This is me from back in 2010 or 2011
I have changed a lot but because i wanted to.

sport the fashion and look you want to because I know i did and I have fun doing so.
A lot of people praise me while other people make me fun of me 
but in the end 
I win because i'm happy

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  1. This is the best! I try so hard to tell some of my close friends to not conform to what a certain person or certain people want them to be. I even struggle myself on some days to be myself. I 100% agree with you Momo and I'm so happy you are doing what's right for your! xoxo <3