Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY Lime exfoliator

Hello Bunny Rabbits!
I'm once back with another skin care i do on my own.

It's something you can do at home too!!

I call it Lime exfoliator
Because it's a lime and it exfoliates haha.

You only need 3 simple things
Lime, Honey and Sugar.

So how exactly are these ingredients good for our skin?

 Reduces Bacteria
 Has Vitamin C which makes your skin lighten up
 Reduces production of oil
 Removes dead skin


 Good cleanser it leaves skin clean and clear
 Excellent moisturizer
 Slows Aging process

 Contains oil balance on skin
  Softens skin
Cleans dirt from pores
 unclogs pores

Lately in my city it has been really humid due to rainy days so my face has been really really oily and i even got a few little pimples which was really annoying but hey! I really love rain so no complains.
However of course this was a problem for me as I can't stand oily skin because i feel dirty.

So i grabbed my friendly healthy friends and created this exfoliator!

Is not that hard to make.

 Get a lime and cut it in half
 Now grab a spoon and put some honey on it
 Put the honey on the lime and spread the honey properly
 Wash spoon and dry with a napkin
 Get some sugar and put it on top of the honey 

Now that it's ready just rub the lime on your face!

I know a lot of people will judge my no make up face but
whatever what's the point of having a blog and not being yourself right?

Messy side pony tail !
Also I haven't dyed my hair! 
Excuse the horrible roots.
I'm still debating whether to back to black or bleach it.

Also if you're wondering, 
My skin is a "natural beige" tone
My skin looks white in some pictures mainly because i take my pictures
with my window facing me which gives plenty of light
But Hey i love my tanned skin!

Here's the picture from my instagram

The results were amazing.

My oily skin went away and
my skin felt smooth and very clean!
Not to mention firm!

If you try it please let me know how it went for you!

Thank you for reading and I hope it helps your skin.

Good Night!

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