Monday, August 4, 2014

My Fashion picks: Let's be cute together!

Hello my bunny rabbits!
Today were going to talk about fashion!

I was currently contacted by store owner Kimi
about her stores that carry really cute Fashion!

You can check them out here

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So what i'm going to write today is about my own personal favorites from these two stores!
There will be outfits that are
cute & innocent 
Cool & Stylish
and a section for the cold season!
Of course shoes too!

So let's begin shall we?
(BEWARE: Heavy picture post!)
Remember you can click images for a bigger look!
I'm going to begin with the cute and innocent outfits!

I like this style the most because clothes are frilly, cute, floral and it gives you that cute and innocent look!

This is such a cute floral dress 
don't you agree?
Reminds me of Liz Lisa dresses!

i would pair it up with these cute shoes!

I think since the dress is more of a summer dress
pairing it with strappy shoes it would look cute!

I really like high waisted skirts!
The skirt is frilly and you can remove the suspenders!

Nowadays i see a lot of apron styled dresses!
I really like this one because it's really princess-like
and it has cute flower detail!

I really liked this one in white because the floral colors
are so cute! It really does remind me of Liz Lisa!
I like the detail on bottom! It's frilly and lacey!

I would pair up this skirt with this cute squareish frilly blouse!

as for the shoes,

I think the shoes really would match the skirt outfit 

I really like dotted fashion!
I really like this dress because it comes in two cute colors
it's frilly on the bottom (I'm crazy about that if you're wondering)
I like the top of the dress because it's sort of like like a cute corset!

I think that for both of these colors (specially blue) brown shoes really look cute!
I think these combat boots would do the dress a cute effect!

Okay the moment i saw this skirt I FELL IN LOVE.
I like all the details, print, and bows!
The skirt is perfection we have to admit it.

I think if you wanted to wear a simple top but still look cute on a lazy day
these would be your skirt!
It also comes in a blue color!

Who doesn't like sailor collar tops right?
Specially if they come in cute pastel colors!
The frilly heart design is also very cute!

My first thought was.. is this a top!?
We could pull this off as a dress!
If you're tall like me (5'5/166cm) 
you can wear safety cute frilly shorts!
You can find some on ebay for really cheap!

The style again really reminds me of liz lisa specially because
of the lace up! I really like the detail of the skirt and i would purchase this for myself in this blue color! It's just a really cute blue tone.

The style of dress is really attractive don't you think?
I really like those kind of short sleeves!
I also love the color and floral design along with the rabbit that reminds me
of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland!

I have covered all of my favorite dolly fashions.

Now i want to cover  cool and stylish fashion!
While i enjoy dressing up cutely i also like dressing up with dark or bright colors 
with unique patterns!

I fell in love with this dress.
I love the pink tone on it and the design & style.
I think these sort of dresses go well with puffy hair
and platform shoes!

I would pick these shoes for the dress!

We have to admit that the army pattern is very cool.
On this jacket i really like the design on the neck because it gives it
a more feminine look.
I would pair this up with a simple black crop top or one with a tiger print on it.

I would pair this jacket with these shorts and shoes to give the 
outfit a fierce look with a girly touch.

The hamburger print is really cute and the shirt seems very lose
and comfy!
I also like that is sort of like those football jerseys.

i think it would be cute to use this suspender demin skirt

or I would pair this shirt up with leggings that have a print like this!

along with these shoes!

The colors in this sweatshirt go with each other don't they? I really like the mix of grey,white and pink!
The skull print is also very cool!

I would pair this sweatshirt with a light colored jean with a cool print
like these crosses

or a dyed pink shorts!
Aren't they so cute?

then use black leggings with this skeleton print
which is cool since we have a skull print in the sweatshirt!

and go back to a light color 
with these same platforms in purple!

The print on both of the dress is really cute. I really love that is very loose!

for this print i would go for shoes like this!


i would pair this dress print with these shoes!

And now last but not least the cold season outfit section!

The pattern is really cute as is heart shaped but the thing i liked the most was the color.
I think this sweater would be cute for autumn!

i would pair this top with these cute skirt!

I think the skull is really cool! The sweater looks really warm as well!
I would wear this for autumn as well.

As you can tell i really like heart patterns! I really love Navy blue as well.

I would pair this really cute sweater with these boots as navy blue and brown
look so cute!

I really like these hoodie because of the wings but it
also looks very warm and simple 
I would wear this on my lazy winter days.

The colors literally scream autumn,
don't you agree?
I really like the little girl print and would pair these sweater
with a cute scarf and jeans and some combat boots.

The sweater print and color reminds me of winter colors
It looks really warm as well which is important!

I would pair this sweater up with cute warm boots

I always wanted one of these and I'm thinking of getting one myself!
I think these are cute paired with high thigh lace up boots!
It's pink too! with cute bows on it!

The colors in the gradient is really winterish don't you think so?
I also like that is like a sweater dress.

I own this sweater myself and i don't regret purchasing this ever!
The colors are cute and it's warm!

here's a picture of me wearing it~

If the cute bear doesn't convince you i don't what will!
Isn't this sweater super cute?

If you don't own anything christmasish..shame on you!
I think this sweater is really cute for the Christmas season!

I think read is another winter or autumn color
I really like hats that are furry,
do you as well?

The colors are very autumn.
The cat print is very cute as well.
You can pair this up with black or grey leggings
with white combat boots.

Thank you for reading my fashion post!
Please kindly check out

You can use my code "mochi" to get 10% off!

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