Monday, July 28, 2014

Uh oh! Tangled hair!

Hello my dearest
Today i wanted to make a hair blog because i encountered something fabulous for us girls with long hair that suffer from tangled hair!
Ouch Ouch Ouch!

As all of you know my hair is a puffy wavy mess.

Sometimes i just don't brush my hair because when i let my hair dry on it's own
it turns out to be a pretty soft curled hairstyle.
However if i brush it off 

it will turn in such big puffy hair!
If you seen some of my photos you will see that my hair looks like
Harry Potter's Hermione or Hagrid! 
I hate my hair being so puffy so quite often i will not brush it just to keep the cute soft curls.

Since i been not wanting to use heat on my hair for it to be much healthier on my next bleach session, i just left the soft curls be for a long time.

My hair was incredibly tangled
I was honestly scared about how much this was going to hurt.

However i thought about using some new shampoo and conditioner my sister had gotten.
Before using ANYTHING on myself i always read the reviews from other people.
What i found out was that this was great for tangled hair.

So i decided to try it out..i mean i got nothing to lose right?

The shampoo and conditioner I'm talking about is

Suave Rosemary mint!

I don't really like this brand very much so i wasn't really expecting much from it. I usually use dove which makes my hair really soft but i wanted my tangles to go bye-bye!

First off the smell in this is very minty which i like because it smells fresh! Most importantly
It did make my hair MUCH EASIER to brush. I was amazed because my hair was so badly tangled but this made my hair much easier to brush! left my hair feeling kind of dry.
Dove shampoo+conditioner leaves my hair feeling so soft and alive no matter the tangles or not.
This left my hair feeling dry.
That's the only thing i didn't really like.

However if you have bad tangles like me i recommend this! 
Maybe after washing this off your hair
 add some conditioner to soften your hair after using it!

Hope your hair isn't a puffy mess or a tangled mess like mine!

Thank you for reading!