Sunday, July 27, 2014

5009 Japan Style Eyelash (Lower) 5 pairs sponsored by Loveshoppingholics

Hello Hello my bunny rabbits 
I'm here with another Eyelash review but this time from Loveshoppingholics!

If you don't know about Loveshoppingholics
They sell many gyaru beauty item brands like dollywink and candydoll!
So should definitely check out Loveshoppingholics

A little about loveshoppingholics:

Loveshoppingholics is a small team of friendly people. Loveshoppingholics was set up back in 2008 they claim that their goal is to provide a easy service for costumers. 

They kept in contact with me and shipped the item really fast to me plus provided me the tracking # for the eyelashes. 
However i have ordered as a customer before from Loveshoppingholics so i can say from experience that the shipping can be very slow so please take note on that.

I chose 5009 Japan style eyelash by TOYOEPIN because it had the same design as one of my most favorite dolly wink eyelashes, it has 5 pairs, it's cheaper or the same prize but for more lashes.

I received the item like this

This was inside the package
It had a cute baggie

this was inside the baggie

Here are the lashes

The back of the eyelash with instructions 
you don't need to know Japanese to see what they're telling you to do

1. Remove eyelash from packaging 
2. Cut eyelash according to your eye shape
3. Apply glue on your eyelash
4.  Accommodate your eyelash to your liking
5. Glue eyelash as close as you can

Close up on the eyelashes

Cute card that Loveshoppingholics
gave me!

Thank you Loveshoppingholics!

Now to the real deal!


dolly wink #13

As you can tell the design of the lashes are extremely similar to Dolly Wink.
But let's put these together side by side.

Dollywink: Top
Toyoepin: Bottom

I apologized i had cut my dolly wink lashes to achieve a
Tsubasa look and my new ones haven't arrived.
But you can get the basic idea 

 Toyoepin successfully and perfectly  copied Dolly Wink n.13 design which is awesome

I recently worn these on my last two reviews and these is how they look on.

Now to rate!
Design: 5/5
Quality: 3/5
Price:  4/5
Quantity: 5/5

As you can see i loved the design because it really does look like my favorite dolly wink lower eyelash. The quality isn't of course as good as the dolly wink but it's better quality than those 10 pair box of eyelashes from eBay. Something i really dislike though was the form of the eyelash. It was really difficult to glue because the eyelash had a straight form and i had tried changing the form by folding it inwards to adjust it to my eyes but other than that there's really no problems. The price on Loveshoppingholics is only for 16$+ shipping which roughly almost the same prize for dolly wink but there's 3 more pairs of lashes.

I recommend this item if you hate paying a lot for only 2 pairs and would rather pay that for 5 pairs of the same design.

Thank you for reading this review.
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The Item i reviewed was 5009 Japan style eyelash

Thank you for reading my review!