Friday, December 16, 2016

Dolly Wink no. 12 feminine girl and no. 9 natural dolly review

Hello everyone!
I'm back with another review of eyelashes!
It seems to get the more views on this blog~
As well as hair dye!
So today I'm doing my most favorite beloved eyelash brand Dolly Wink!

Lately I'm falling in love with natural make up more and more.
The more natural the more cute i feel!
Therefore I wanted to buy very natural lashes!
I can't never give up eyelashes they're a big part of my eye look.

So I went on a look out and bought 
No. 12 and no. 9!
I always wanted to try no. 9 but they looked too natural for my taste.
Now it was time to finally try it!
I actually bought these during the summer,
but because of my schedule it was hard to post!
But now that I'm on break I shall share my thoughts~
So here are the babies i got!
No. 12:
They were very long I was scared!

No. 9

I love the lash design!

Note: Includes glue of course!
On my eye:

Rating: 5/5
Final thoughts:
Dolly Wink never disappoints, you get what you pay for! 2 pair of lashes can be expensive but the quality is beautiful and on my opinion they make one of the best eyelashes. They never bother my eye skin or irritates it as the band is very thin and soft and I rather get these lashes than the 1$ for 10 lashes. 
For no. 12 I was very scared because they looked like top lashes as they were very long. On the contrary they were a nice add as my bottom eyelash. They didn't look crazy long as they have this form to go upwards and thus giving the appearance of fuller bottom lashes. Very dolly yet very natural! They became my favorite a long with baby girl quickly!

For no. 9, I loved them so much! I regret not trying them earlier because these quickly went on top of my favorite dolly wink eyelash no. 2 sweet girly! I love no. 2 but they became too unnatural for me now that i've tried no. 9. These lashes are my favorite lashes from Dolly Wink because these are the most natural i've tried so far with open and closed eyes!

I recommend these very much to all my dolly natural make up lovers!
You can find them on both ebay and amazon from sellers that ship from the U.S

Happy Holidays cuties!

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