Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I'm back! (Where the heck was i!?)

Hi Lovelies!
It's been long since I wrote a blog entry.
I apologize for that.
Being a full time student and running a blog, 
isn't quite the easiest or ideal thing to do.
                                      I also being gone because I went through hard stuff.
School and life just decided to team up to make my life miserable. 
I been having little crying times, even during school!
It's quite frustrating.

This summer semester wasn't at all ideal for me for starters.
When it comes to school, when you fall you can stand again.
I always tell myself that but I'm the worst judge of myself.
I've come to forgive myself now.
The summer was also hard because I felt disliked by a certain person
and it made it hard for me to be able to work.
I felt her feelings towards me and it wasn't nice.
It was hard working together.

So as I stated, my aunt passed away.
It IS very sentimental to me to this date.
I spent most of my time with her as a child.
Every memory has her in it.
She was practically my second mom
the fact that she looks similar to my mother
makes it even harder.
It happened so quick, and while I was attending school.
I couldn't take a moment to sit down and cry.
I just got dressed up, went to the funeral and returned home.
It's very hard to come to believe it.
But she's gone.
I still don't understand.
Last time I saw her was back in May for my cousin's who is her daughter
baby shower.
She's the aunt i mentioned before, that I was named after.
It makes double think of hating my name now.
I shall live up to her name and do great things under it.

Through everything my cute friend here has been keeping me in line.
Even now i told her of something that made me sad today,
and she was there for me.
There's no one as sweet as her.
I've always been on my own,
but she came into my life and made it all sunshines.

I'm alive guys, and I hope to come back and post reviews and other things.

with love,

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