Sunday, June 12, 2016

O-lens BaviPhat 3 Color She'z Brown sponsored by PINKICON

Hello Hello my lovelies!
Today I have a review from PINKICON!
I reviewed these beautiful blue lens from them before
which you can read here!

I love love love their selection of lenses
specially because they sell lenses that no other stores sell!

Today I'm reviewing 

Let's get started~!
Shipping and Packing:
Shipping did not take long, I believe they ship from Hong Kong!
The items were packaged properly~

I love their pamphlets so much!
Please don't stop sending them in PINKICON!

The instructions are in Chinese, however i would be happy to translate them for you.

Here are the lens!
As you can see they were bubble wrapped properly!

You open it in the back!

So let's move on in how they look in my eyes!
My eye color: Dark brown

Normal room lighting:


Complete look:


Final thoughts on
These lenses are very natural. I quite enjoyed how natural yet very dolly looking they are. They give my brown eyes a lighter color even though my eyes are very dark looking. I think these lenses are perfect for a Gyaru look! The diameter is very big yet natural and it would match the look perfectly!

Check out PINKICON!
They have many selections that other circle lens don't offer!
They offer FREE worldwide shipping for all circle lenses.
Their site for overseas customer is:
AND they also have monthly promotion for selected cirle lenses.


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