Sunday, March 6, 2016

Finally spring break! + Chinese spring festival photos~

Hello bunny lover friends!
Spring break started for us in Texas,
or at least for where I live!

I done nothing worthy out of my time 
but that's because my body went full spring break mode this time!

I had pretty intense midterms,
as soon as i took my last one
My body just sort of turned off.

But hey!
Before that I got to celebrate our belated Chinese new year parade.
It was very fun and I bonded with really nice girls 
which I think I really needed in my life.
I don't feel comfortable posting their faces, so I will refrain from doing so for privacy reasons.

Our friend Jacqui made this ubber adorable 
bracelets to match the color of our dress.
They all looked beautiful and I wish we can wear out our qipao again.
I will soon take photos of the bracelet and further talk about her etsy store
so you can check it out~
They were extremely pretty and it made me feel closer to her and the other girls.
It felt nice having friends for once! Other than my boyfriend.
I wore a really cute pink qipao
with dragon print~
I looked pretty big in it from my weight gain lol.
made me so upset haha
Time to get on the treadmill and watch for what I eat.
the event was a success or at least in my eyes.
We had a lot of planning 
and this year was much better than last year.

So far this spring break,
I watched one of my favorite movies,
Sisterhood of the traveling pants
and cried like a baby!
Each of the girl's stories were cute and touching in their own way.
I especially sobbed throughout Carmen's story.
I couldn't really update my blog because
I didn't feel like putting on make up and dressing up
while I have a MASSIVE pimple! haha
Not only that,
I assume that from my lack of updates,
You can see that my state right now isn't as great.
I'm sure most of you noticed my big big weight gain.
Since the loss of my grandma along with many other things added,
I fallen weak.  (don't want to say depressed only because a doctor didn't diagnosed me)
Every time I think about those things I will tear up or stress eat.
It's really annoying that I do this and it's even more annoying when people I love
keep making fun of me and telling me to keep eating and see what happens. 
Seeing myself through photographs disgusted,
It was an eye opener that I need to keep strong and not let my health go like that.
I'm walking by all means, and I know that a lot of people have it a whole lot worse than me
so I don't want to put on a pity show.
But that's the main reason I haven't been updating as much as before.
I haven't felt very nice for the past months.
However, I'm alive and walking and I'm grateful for that.
Lately god has made me feel that way.

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