Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sweety Nudy 3 Tones Grey sponsored by

shhhh it's our secret only
right UNIQSO?

Let's review grey lenses this time!
I Know i know...
I pick grey lenses most of the time...
but i love them!
and these made it to my top 3!

So it came in a parcel like this~
contained contact cases which UNIQSO
kindly provides in your purchase.

this is a new brand of lenses called "sweety"

this is how it looks when you open it

I'm a happy girl when lenses are easy to open~

how it looks on my dark eyes:

on me~!

These lenses were not disappointing like my last post. The color on these show out in all lightings even though my eyes are dark brown. The diameter too as mentioned earlier about these series, is that is very big! I love these lenses so much and that is why they are in my top 3! If you are top 3 grey lenses are:

Princess Mimi bambi grey
Dolly eye puffy 3 tones
and now this one!

All very natural with great designs and UNIQSO holds them all!
Check them out and give it a try~!
these were the sweety nudy 3 tones grey

have a nice day and god bless

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