Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cosplay Wig - Love Live-Minami Kotori Sponsored by

Hi again!
I literally just posted 5 minutes ago~
To not keep it too boring with just lenses..
I decided to review a wig this time~
If you didn't know,
apart from selling circle lenses,
UNIQSO  also sells wigs~!
it also sells many things like eyelashes, eyelash glue, bb cream, 
and everything to create a cute look~

You all know how muuuuch
I love my blonde hair.
Well I decided to give up my blonde hair.
I had good times being blonde but I decided 
to dye my hair a dark brown.
My hair was really dry and I didn't want to further bleach.
I know there's treatments but I just didn't want to fry my hair.
I'm very happy with my current hair color!
I'm tempted to go blonde again but no no no~!
So instead I chose a blonde wig~

 It came in a package like this!
And just to let you know,
if you order both lenses and a wig
they will be shipped separately~ 
so just make sure you know this~


wig properly packed~

wig out of baggie~

little hair extension! 

close up!

Different lighting:
room/window light



and lastly on me!

rating: 4.5


The only thing I wish is for this wig to be a big more full. Other than that the color is just perfect. I love the curls and little pony tail. This has always been my hair color goal, so i'm happy to have this wig while at the same time glad I didn't dye my hair this color. It's a beautiful color but not on my skin tone. Still love the wig for photoshoots! The wig looks really natural~ even on the sunlight~ only the flash reveals the shiny hair.
i really love this wig so much~
this was the 
from UNIQSO!

Give it a go and use 
for 10% off~

god bless

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