Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Golden Cardinal Etsy store review

Hello chubby bunnies~
Today I'll be talking about and reviewing,
My friend recently opened her own etsy shop 
to show my support I will tell you about it,
and show you the things I bought with my own money
as well as the bracelet she made for me~

But first, here's a little info about her and her shop,
Everything made by her is handmade. She's open to many suggestions and loves to try things out. Therefore expect many different crafts from her as she does not only make one specific thing.  Her goal is to create things that are affordable because she understands the struggle to want cute things but not being able to afford it.

Have a look at her store~
please treat her kindly !

Since we live in the same city,
shipping for me didn't take long at all~
She ships from Texas (USA)!
the goods were safe under this bubble wrap baby~

There was a mini baggie with the cuties
out of the baggie!
Absolutely adore when sellers use little notes like that~
Plus squee it's Rilakkuma!!

She included this cute little charm!
I was so happy because it's a bunnie~

look at the little tail!!!!

Here's the little cute glitter bottle~

the necklace is silver~

It's so tiny but sooo cute~

So so small~

It's not very long~
But she will adjust it to your liking !
For me this is just perfect because i like short necklaces~

close up~

Now here's the bracelet she made me!
It was a gift she made me to match my qipao !
She made it with my favorite colors~

Close up~

my earrings and another bracelet that my boyfriend gave me~

On my qipao holding my red pocket !

It matches it so well hehe~

me wearing it~
My lips always come out weirdly haha~
you can buy one on this listing,


I know it's my friend, and you might think that I'm trying to lure you to buy her things but these are my honest thoughts. I was also not sponsored. I bought from her store and she gave me a cute gift~ The quality is actually quite nice for the price. It is affordable and she will give you discount codes when you buy something from her. She prices her hard work really low in my opinion, but as stated earlier her goal is for her crafts to be affordable. The shipping shouldn't take long if you live in the USA, she ships as soon as possible too! The goods are properly packaged as well with lots of love~

Go give some love to

remember to treat her kindly~

god bless.

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