Sunday, December 20, 2015

How I care for my bleached hair

Hello everyone!
Today I thought that I'll share 
how I take care of my bleached hair.
I get a lot of questions about how I get
my hair to be healthy and thick even when I bleach it.
So here we go!
Is your hair dry?
looks damaged and it's breaking?
Well don't fear.

Here are some tips from me!

When I first bleached my hair it got really dry and harsh.

After a few years of bleaching my hair these are some of the things that 
got my hair strength back, gave it a soft touch and shiny look and  made it thick and healthy.

  1. 2 days before bleaching, do not wash your hair. Let your hair get it's natural oils. This will cause less damage on your hair.
  2. After bleaching, deep condition your hair. Your hair is like skin, it also needs to hydrate.
  3. Don't wash your hair frequently. I know what you're thinking...EW! She doesn't wash her hair? Well washing your hair frequently isn't so good dears. I wash my hair 3 times a week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays i don't wash my hair. It's good for you.
  4. Don't use a lot of conditioner. I know that conditioner feels so nice when you wash your hair and that you may think that it will make your hair softer and nicer. Opposite to that. It will become drier.
  5. So how to get that soft hair? I recommend moroccan oil. Moroccan oil has worked wonders on my hair. More than coconut oil. Coconut oil smells great and works for many things but for me the moroccan oil made my hair so soft and nice. After you shower, have dry hair, and brushed apply some and you will feel your hair become softer.
  6. Heat tools are out of the line. Once or twice every 4 months i straighten my hair. Other than that i will do heatless curls and waves. I will show you how I achieve them as that too is highly requested. 
  7. During the summer use sunblock on your hair. As said earlier, hair is just like skin.
  8. Don't got anywhere to go? Just going to stay home and watch netflix? Get some olive oil and wrap a bag on your hair. Hair mask voila! 
  9. ALWAYS keep your hair untangled. If your hair gets easily tangled i recommend using those untangle sprays.
  10. The hardest, be patient. If you care for your hair properly it will grow to be healthy and fuller. 
My tips aren't all that but that's what have learn through bleaching my hair.
I hope that it can help my blondies~

Soon I'll make a video about cute hairstyles that can be achieve without hair tools!
So stay tune!
I haven't recorded anything since I've moved houses recently.

God bless you all!


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