Sunday, December 20, 2015

I.Fairy Kitten tears real brown sponsored by

Hello Hello lovelies!
Today I'm going to be reviewing new lenses from UNIQSO!

This time i picked brown ones!
Which is really rare from me but I really miss lenses
So I tried picking one like so!
As always no complains from UNIQSO!
You got to admire them. They really update their customers on their orders.
I pretty sure they get tons of orders too!
They're always so kind and answer back quickly.

There's also no problem with packaging!

Comes in a big DHL envelope thingy!

Inside it, it's this little package~ 

and inside are the goodies!

Lenses I chose along with free contact cases!

Inside the cute bear box there's lenses carefully 
bubbled wrapped!

Here are the ones I'm trying today!

It has a cute kitty! hehe!

I love when lenses are packaged like these rather than on those tiny bottles!
Saves me the hassle from opening them!

After opening the lenses make sure to put fresh solution so they can clean themselves!
Do value your eye sight and clean your lenses thoroughly.
I usually let mines sit on clean solution for 6-8 hours before trying them on.

So here we go!

On my eyes:
Eye color: Brown

Lighting: Room Lighting

with flash:


Final thoughts on:

I liked these lenses because they give a cute effect on my eye that doesn't look too unnatural. The color blends quite nicely on my eyes giving it a natural look but also giving it a bold look for my eye make up. I think these lenses look great with gyaru make up! The only thing is, I kinda expected them to give me a nice enlarging effect like the I.FAIRY lumos but these weren't as big as those. Another thing is that these felt quite drying on my eyes after a 2-3 hours of use. Other than that I actually liked the design and color of these lenses despite that they don't show much color. 
So go ahead and give these a try for a natural yet bold look!

So go on UNIQSO!
& Use my code "mochi" for 10% off!

Happy Holidays!

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