Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Liquid Glossy Nourish Lip Gloss Long Lasting Lip Stick in rose pink sponsored by BPS (Born Pretty Store)

Hello everyone!
Today is a a little different!
Today I'll be reviewing a very cute lippie product from
and I'll be reviewing this lip gloss in rose pink!
You ready?
Born Pretty Store super kindly contacted me to review some of their products again~
Here is the the lippie
I really love the art on it~

shade 01 rose pink

out of the box

and the product open.

On me:
a closer look:

rating: 3.5/5

The lip gloss has a very pretty hot pink color! I really like how vibrant it is. There's a play-doh kind of smell to this but i found it quite pleasant as i love how play-doh smells haha. The only downside to this lippie is that it dries rather weirdly at least to me. The color stays on for a few hours but hey this is cheap and decent lippie! The packing is great and applying this lippie is easy. It's small and cute!
So go check it out at Born Pretty Store!
Use my code momoh10 for a discount!

Au revoir!

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