Thursday, November 19, 2015


Honestly all these things happening make me really upset.
However, reading some things make me feel like I should stay offline.
First thing first,
I'm very sad with all the things happening around the world. 
Everyone is on my prayers.
The ISIS are a terrible existence.
However, in no way or in any circumstance must they represent
Muslims or refugees.
Why must actions of some people represent a whole religion, country and people?
It's absolutely ridiculous and unfair to them.
I'm not a muslim nor am i familiar with Quran,
but I'm 100% sure it's not about harming any human beings.
Since the Paris attack everyone has being pointing fingers at the innocent muslims and refugees  
whom they too are running from the same people we fear in the first place.

Everyday I always keep up with the news whether there on TV or on the internet.
It's frustrating and saddening to read comments targeting muslims and refugees.
Are you kidding me?
The refugees left everything behind just to run away from the terror that we witnessed in Paris. 
A bunch of them in a little boat just to find shelter elsewhere.
Some not making it to land.
And what about our muslims who live in the U.S?
Constantly harrassed for things they NEVER done and stuff they were not even associated with.
Getting hate crimes and harrassed by people and even have the government on their back like they're some kind of criminal.
I mean look at the cases where after 9/11 many muslims were being questioned and even held in prison.
All because they're all misinformed and ignorant. 
How enraging is that?
In the end it doesn't matter to the U.S  or others 
because as long as it doesn't happen to their country
they won't know what the struggle really is.

Most of all I'm tired of all these misinformed Americans saying how much
they hate muslims and that ALL of them are terrorist and that they should kick them and
other immigrants out.

My question to these people is,
What is an american?
what makes an american?

People can blabber and hate but America is made out of everyone in this world.
Including muslims who shouldn't have to go through such abuse
because of some people who followed the wrong path.
They shouldn't suffer for their beliefs
for their skin color or physical appearance
for their clothing
No human being should suffer this.
It's inhumane.

They didn't want those bombings or shootings.
Not us and not them.

Wake up because what they're going through can happen to you,
to your family, to your country, to us.
Have some humanity!

That's all I wanted to say regarding about this.
It's very random but it was in my chest.

Muslims and to who it may apply,
You are not alone,
I believe in you.

god bless

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