Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Black Purple Lip Gloss Moisturizing #16 sponsored by BPS (Born Pretty store) + Super cute tattoos!

I got yet another lippie to review today from
Today I'm reviewing an perfect lippie for autumn and winter time!
Don't we all love purple lipsticks?
I specifically loved this one!

Here's the lippie
shade 16!

and the super cute tattoos i got too!

I love the lippie packaging!

so beautiful..

In my last post i reviewed the rose pink lippie 
take a look!

On me:

Rating on shade 16

Cheap and a great Lipstick! This lipstick's name is true. It is very moisturizing! When I apply it to my lips it truly feels like a lip balm and it keeps my lips moisturized when wearing it! Plus it gives a really nice dark purple color! I LOOOOVE the color! It's purple but it also can look dark like black which i love so much because I wanted a lipstick exactly like this and it's not drying but instead moisturizing so I gotta say I LOVED this product a lot! It's lasts me at least 8 hours too!

Rating on Tattoos sheet #1

I gotta say that these tattoos are really really cute! I always wanted to buy cross tattoos like these but didn't find ones that i really liked. I loved these because it came it many sizes and they're just really awesome! I always wanted to put a cross on my finger but I'm terrified of getting an actual real tattoo because Tattoos look like they hurt! I hate pain so i resort to this type of things! Would I buy it ? Yes! They're really cute hehe.
Go go go and explore Born Pretty Store !
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Happy shopping!

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