Thursday, October 29, 2015

Phantasee Red Sclera Lens Warlock Sponsored by

Hello my beautiful readers!
Halloween is a day away!
Aren't you excited!?
Even though I don't really celebrate it..!
I wanted to create a really cute/creepy look kinda of like saccstry's art!
If you haven't checked out her art, do so here!
(It's supeeeeeeeeer cute!)

This is my first time using such big Sclera lenses....
I mean how do you gals put them in your eye so easily!?
When I received the lenses from UNIQSO
I really wanted to try the Halloween lenses i chose!
However of course i had to wait for them to cleanse.
I watched many videos on how to apply Sclera lenses
and they all seemed to put it on really easily!
So i thought..hmm well it doesn't seem that hard...
How do you girls do it???
My eye was like
Thankfully at the end MIRACULOUSLY 
I was able to put them on!
Anyways moving on,
UNIQSO was great as always.
Great packaging, great customer service, and great shipping!
I seriously recommend to get the fast shipping because 
they come to you really fast!!
So here we have 2 lenses that I chose.
I will get the next review up perhaps on saturday!
Today of course I'll be reviewing these Sclera Lens!
I never had this kind of case so I was surprised!

So let's move on with the lenses!
You ready? huehue
With flash:


Lenses are awesome for halloween or any type of cosplay! I never worn Sclera lens so to me they were kinda bugging my eye but it depends on the person really. It still gives a very awesome effect on my eyes! I even fooled my mom with them inside my eyes! She thought I was really hurt in my eye haha!

Go on and check out UNIQSO!
Use my code "mochi" for 10% off!
these were the

Happy Halloween!

Sadly one of the lens of the pair I chose made my eye watery and uncomfortable. Thankfully UNIQSO has a replacement policy. So I'm relieved. 
I'll leave the lens a mystery, but it's some i been wanting to try.

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